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This map has been removed with #23754 and will not show up in normal play on /tg/station servers.

Birdboat Station

Supermatter Engine Guide

You can do these steps in any order, but this order guarantees that the engine will not overheat while you are busy reading this text.

Step 0: Go get engineering goggles and make sure to wear them whenever you are near the supermatter engine.

Step 1: Locate the oxygen pipe in the supermatter room. It is a cyan colored pipe that enters the room from space. Find the oxygen pump that is turned off and turn it on. Notice that it is set to 2000kPa, do not increase this.

Step 2: Make note of all the other pumps that are already turned on in this room. Set these pumps to the highest possible pressure settings. Make sure to exclude the pump in step 1 or you will risk the engine exploding.

Step 3: Locate the filters in the room. They are close to the green colored pipes. Turn both of these on and set them to the highest possible pressure settings.

Step 4: Step over to the air alarm and unlock it (note that you do not need engineering access for this). Navigate to the vents menu and turn the bottom 4 vents on. Set the vent pressure limit to external only and set the pressure as high as possible. After this, navigate the scrubber menu and set the scrubber to syphon and the range to extended. Make sure that the scrubber is not set to scrub, or you will risk overheating the engine.

Step 5: Turn on the emitters. If you did everything correctly, the supermatter crystal will be able to handle all 3 and possibly more, but if you are not very confident, try 2. Only 1 emitter is not recommended as it will produce only minimal amounts of power.

Step 6: Go get 5 plasma tanks from the engineering equipment room, put them into the radiation collectors and turn them on.

Step 7: Configure the SMES. 100kW output from all SMES units combined is a good amount of power for the station.