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In Use MetaStation, DeltaStation, IceBoxStation, Tramstation, The North Star, Birdshot, Wawastation
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation KiloStation, AsteroidStation, BirdboatStation, BoxStation, PubbyStation, CereStation, Discstation, DonutStation, Dreamstation, EfficiencyStation, MiniStation, OmegaStation, RuntimeStation

IceBoxStation is a reimagining of BoxStation, made by space. This station is placed uniquely on an ice planet, which presents a varied set of risks compared to space. It also features two lower mining levels below the station, with new fauna and ruins. The map was added to the /tg/station codebase on 5/22/2020.

Upper Z-level of IceBoxStation in April 2021.
Middle Z-level of IceBoxStation in April 2021.

As a reimagining of BoxStation, much of the layout is the same as the original, but with some major changes throughout to better accommodate the lower mining levels. For further information, please refer to the original Boxstation article.

Sublevel locations

These areas are located at a lower level and are usually accessible by stairs or ladders.