The North Star

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North Star's 1st Deck updated 2023-4-15. Click for full resolution.
North Star's 2nd Deck updated 2023-4-15. Click for full resolution.
North Star's 3rd Deck updated 2023-4-15. Click for full resolution.
North Star's 4th Deck updated 2023-4-15. Click for full resolution.


The North Star is a map initially made for the now-defunct /tg/station fork Starbloom. It would later be ported to /tg/station itself, test merged in December of 2022. Due to maptick issues, the PR was closed, to later be re-opened at the start of April 2023 once threaded maptick was introduced. After a 2 week process of tests and fixes, it would be merged on April 13th 2023. The map was ported by Cheshify, who served as the map lead on the original project, and was greatly assisted by Fikou, Blue-Berry, Zytolg, InfiniteGalaxies, Striders, Sylphet, Riggle, Soal, Andry, Critawakets, Deranging, and Pumpkin0.

The North Star is unique for being the tallest map on the /tg/station codebase, as well as being themed after a vessel, rather than a station. It's comprised of four decks, with many departments being on multiple levels.

  • Deck 1 Contains: Arrivals, Departures, Engineering, Supply, Atmospherics
  • Deck 2 Contains: Medbay, Science's entrance, Robotics, Virology, Genetics, half of the Library
  • Deck 3 Contains: Most of Service, Dorms, Plenty of Recreation, A Full-Sized Theater, the other half of the Library.
  • Deck 4 Contains: The HOP line, The Gateway, Security, the AI SAT, Permabrig, The Bridge, The Chapel

Unique Features Include:

  • Security lacks departmental offices, instead having an outpost on each deck.
  • Robotics is separate from science, and has increased access to the AI SAT.
  • Medbay has an Asylum for the psychologist's usage.
  • Maintenance is labyrinthine and sprawling, with increased threat of falls, grilles, and floor traps.

Further info about the North Star can be found in this thread on the /tg/station forums, with map error reports greatly appreciated.