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In Use MetaStation, DeltaStation, IceBoxStation, Tramstation, The North Star, Birdshot, Wawastation
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation KiloStation, AsteroidStation, BirdboatStation, BoxStation, PubbyStation, CereStation, Discstation, DonutStation, Dreamstation, EfficiencyStation, MiniStation, OmegaStation, RuntimeStation

Birdshot is a map created as a reimagining of BirdboatStation, which is an older map geared towards lower populations. It is also the replacement for KiloStation. It was created by Zytolg and feedback can be given here



Similarly to Birdboat, service is located at the centre of the map, with the main hallway circling around it, allowing easy access for all departments to basic necessities.


Command is located foward of service, with a hallway leading to the HOP's office, Captain's Quarters, the Bridge, AI Sat amongst other miscellaneous rooms.


Engineering is one of the more isolated departments, which is convinent for when the supermatter delaminates. It is located on the port of the AI sat, which is at the bow. It also gives engineering personnel easy access to the sat.


For some reason telecomms is located in this department, probably because the expansion of the AI satellite meant moving it somewhere new where the supermatter engine won't destroy it.


Staying true to its Birdboat roots, the medical wing has remained aft of service, though with a major restructuring. The main ward now has its very own cute island.

The main ward aboard Birdshot


Security is now much larger, and even boasts its own prison island, making it a little more difficult to escape. Security is one of the departments which has changed the most since Birdboat.


The cargo department is port of service, and finally looks like a department worthy of supplying an entire station, instead of just being 3 rooms put together.