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Syndicate Items

This is a hopefully comprehensive list of all the items Traitors and Nuclear Operatives can obtain through their uplink by paying Telecrystals.
The first section contains all the items a traitor can buy, with items available to nuclear operatives denoted by a green "Yes" in the appropriate column.
The second section Contains items exclusive to nuclear operatives.

Your Uplink

Traitor.png Traitors by default have their PDA Normalpda.gif serve as their uplink. This can be changed through game preferences into your headsetHeadset.png, your pen Pen.png or a pre-installed uplink implant Implant Case.png(-4 starting TC).

The shop page is hidden for stealth purposes, and to unlock it you will need to either enter the special code you receive roundstart as your PDA's custom ringtone, select a special frequency on your special headset, or click you special pen, whichever you chose as your preference. The shop interface is divided into categories. Traitors start with 20 TeleCrystals, always.

Some items are very expensive, sometimes enough to be impossible to purchase. You can obtain more telecrystals from other traitors, or give yours away. How? In the category "bundles and telecrystals" you can "buy" TeleCrystals to eject them from your uplink, and reinsert them into any unlocked uplink. All syndicate agents know codewords with which to recognize eachother on the station, but remember that traitors are not required to cooperate: A supersurplus crate contains a *lot* of gear, but some people can still be greedy and stab you in the back while you check the contents. Afterall, why have only one double esword when you could have two? Or three?

If you don't want to chance an encounter in disposals with fishy individuals, all hope is not lost: there still are discounts: Up to three items, unique for each traitor, can be purchased *once* each for a randomly discounted price. Cheaper items get discounted more often and discounts tend to average around 50% off, but every once in a while you can hit the jackpot and get a revolver for 80% off.

Contract Kit

A special kit for traitors only.

"Contract Kit"
"Contract Kit"
Found in: Ordered via syndicate uplink, costs 20 telecrystals.
Used for: Completing kidnapping contracts for TC-rewards.
Strategy: A high risk, high reward choice for a traitor who wants a real challenge.
20+ players only
The Syndicate have a number of urgent contracts for you to take on, become a contractor and complete them for TC and cash payments. Upon purchase, you'll be granted your own contract uplink embedded within a supplied tablet computer. Additionally, you'll be granted contractor gear to help with your mission. Comes supplied with the tablet, a specialist contractor space suit, chameleon jumpsuit and mask, agent card, three randomly selected low cost items, and a unique, electrified baton. Can include items from nuke ops.

Use the new contract uplink to select a contract, and bring the assigned target dead or alive to the designated drop off location. Call for the extraction pod and send them off for your payment, with much higher rewards for keeping them alive. Extracted targets will be sent to the ninja jail and held for ransom by the Syndicate, alerting the crew after a small delay. Ransom will be payed automatically by Nanotrasen, taking an amount of the station budget to offset the cost. These targets will later be returned to the station, with even targets brought and extracted dead being returned to the crew. The contractor always earns a portion of the ransom when they're extracted into their equipped ID.

Victims that're extracted will have their items stored until they're brought back, with their items coming along with the pod they're dropped with. Extracted targets always get dropped back in the same area they were launched from.

Aborting or completing contracts will make them unavailable to take on again, so be mindful of this when choosing which target to pick. Extraction will come when requested, but only if both yourself and the target is inside the dropoff location.

The average for the total TC you can earn with this kit is around 34 TC, with the minimum never being below 30, should you extract all your targets alive. This is on top of the actual value this kit gives you initially, making this an incredibly viable choice if you can justify a weaker early game, and feel up to the challenge.

Currently, when first assigning yourself to the uplink, you'll always be given 6 contracts.

Unique items are available to purchase with "Contractor Rep" through the available Hub inside the uplink. You acquire two Rep per completed contract, with five different purchases available:

  • Contract Reroll - 2 Rep: Request a reroll of your current contract list. Will generate a new target, payment, and dropoff for the contracts you currently have available.
  • Contractor Pinpointer - 1 Rep: A pinpointer that only activates for its owner, which is the first person to activate it. Locks on to crew on the same z-level, ignoring suit sensors, but is much less accurate. Will show you're at the location when within ~25 units.
  • Fulton Extraction Kit - 1 Rep: Gives both a beacon and fulton kit to move targets/items across the station. Place the beacon down, and use the bag in hand to link it. Using the bag on items and crew will send them to the beacon. They must be outside - so in space or on lavaland - to be sent to the beacon.
  • Reinforcements - 2 Rep: Call in a Syndicate agent to help you with your mission. Role is polled to ghosts, and comes with very basic items and their own 0 TC uplink. When an agent is found, they'll be sent via pod, so be sure to call when by yourself.
  • Blackout - 3 Rep: Cuts station power for a short duration.

Contractor baton retracted.pngContractor BatonContractor baton extended.png

This baton comes in every contract kit. If extended and used on someone when not on harm intent it causes 1.5 seconds of knockdown and 85 stamina damage, which means it will stamcrit someone with 2 hits. Has a 2.5 second cooldown between non-harm hits. Fits in a pocket when retracted. Use in hand to extend or retract. Unlike other batons, this one works on cyborgs.


Ops? Item Icon Cost description info
No Bundle A:Syndi-kit Tactical Box.png 20 Weightedly picks a set of Syndicate items and spawns them in a common box. The total cost of items you get is always more than 20 telecrystals. You get more than you would normally be able to at the cost of not knowing what you're going to get. This is bundle A, containing tactical item sets.

Possible Sets:









Lord Singulo



Meta Ops

No Bundle B:
Syndi-kit Special
Box.png 20 Weightedly picks a set of Syndicate items and spawns them in a common box. The total cost of items you get is always more than 20 telecrystals. You get more than you would normally be able to at the cost of not knowing what you're going to get. This is bundle B, containing special item sets.

Possible Sets:



Dark Lord

White Whale, Holy Grail

  • Kinetic Speargun
  • Quiver with 20 Magspears
  • Carp space suit
  • Carp mask
  • Carp delivery grenade

Mad Scientist


  • Bee objective
  • Bee costume
  • Bee mask
  • Yellow fanny pack
  • 2x buzzkill grenades
  • Beesease reagent
  • The Stinger - A fast attacking bee sabre which injects 4 units of histamine on every hit.

Mr Freeze

No Surplus Crate GrayCrate.png 20 Contains 50 telecrystals worth of completely random Syndicate items. This can be anything from an Emag to a Deck of Cards. It can be useless junk or really good. It can be fun to buy if you have an easy objective or want to switch up your strategy. 25+ players only
No Super Surplus Crate GrayCrate.png 40 Contains 125 TC worth of items. If you feel you can trust other traitors, why not? 40+ players only
Yes Raw Telecrystals Tc.png 1 per Eject telecrystals from your uplink one at a time, or in bundles of 5, 10 and 20.
Yes Random Item ??? ??? Receive a random item from the uplink for which you have enough telecrystals, no discounts unless it selects an item in the discout category. Like a surplus crate, but without the value or the 100% commitment. While the cost displays 0, it's not a freeby: you pay the item full price!

Conspicuous and Dangerous Weapons

Note: the ammo category has been rolled into the weapon's tables for efficiency sake.

Ops? Item Icon Cost description info
Yes Box of Throwing Weapons Syndie box.png 3 This kit contains five throwing stars and two reinforced bolas.
Throwing stars will deal heavy brute damage on hit and automatically embed, causing further brute and bleeding over time.
Reinforced bolas cause a 3.5 second knockdown and will slow targets down on hit until they are removed. They take longer to remove than normal bolas.
Yes Energy Sword Sword.gif 8 This is a melee weapon that will do a lot of (30) brute damage. It also has a high chance to knock someone down, or outright uncouncious. It has two states, on and off. When it's off, you can fit it into your pocket, but it's a terrible weapon. Activate it to switch between the two states, but be warned, turning it on or off causes a very loud and distinct noise. You have a decent chance of reflecting projectiles with it when turned on. For best results, combine it with a way to stun, slow, or otherwise disable your targets; remember that if it's knocked out of your hands, you can very easily be on the receiving end. Very good combo combined with the Mini Energy Crossbow's knockdown.

You can also hit it with a multitool to make a RAINBOW SWORD.

Yes Double-bladed Energy Sword Desword.gif 16 The double energy sword is an immensely powerful weapon, capable of sending unarmored victims into critical in just 3 hits (and likely stunning them, dismembering, or knocking them unconscious long before that). Like the single-bladed Energy Sword, it must be turned on to be used properly, and can still be stored in your pocket when turned off. The main reason why this weapon is so powerful compared to its predecessor is because it will reflect all energy and laser bolts sent at it back at the person who shot at you, guaranteed. This makes unrobust Security completely and totally useless at range, and makes them easy kills if they get hit by their own disabler shots. This sword is not unstoppable, however; other methods of stunning or disabling you can allow others to steal it and use it against you. It also has a chance to reflect bullets, but this is somewhat unreliable. It will also not stop melee attacks, so try to avoid the inevitable jousting matches with stunbatons and disarm intent. Temperature gun shots go right through this. 25+ players only.
Yes Gloves of the North Star North star.png 8 A pair of gloves that reduce your punching cooldown drastically, allowing you to beat people to death in a flurry of punches. You can even set a battlecry from your favorite Japanese anime! Does not work with hulk hands, and only affects bare handed attacks. AAAATATATATATA!!
No Holoparasite injector kit Syndibox.png 18 Contains a Holoparasite injector. When injected, it will attempt to summon a Ghost player to take on the role of a spirit-like entity living in your body, capable of using different powers to help you, decided by its type. If no ghost accepts the role, you can get a TC refund.
Holoparasites can enter and exit the user's body at will, and communicate through silent telepathy with the host, allowing them to be stealthy. Different types of holoparasites have different abilities, and some can be incredibly powerful, but using them requires some degree of skill on your ally's part. Additionally, any damage a holoparasite takes is reflected back to it's owner, so don't expect your punchghost to soak up bullets for you!
When a holoparasite or its host dies, the strain from the bond disintegrates the user's corpse, removing any ability to be revived if you have one.
25+ players only
Yes Power fist Powerfist.png 6 A gas-powered metal fist, it will send anyone you hit flying as long as the gas lasts. It is piston powered, and said piston is activated by gas coming from a gas tanks (not provided). To mount a gas tank, simply click on the powerfist with the tank in your hand. The pressure valve can be adjusted with a wrench to the setting 1,2 and 3. Setting one has force 20 and launches people 1 tile away. Setting two and three double and triple these values respectively, so 40/60 damage and 2/3 tiles thrown.

From a standard, filled tank of air one should expect 4 full punches on setting two and 3 on setting three. To remove an empty tank, use a screwdriver on the powerfist.

Not worn like gloves, but held in your hand. The gas in the tank is expelled into the enviroment after each punch.
Yes Makarov Pistol Stetchkin.png 7 A small gun, fits into your pocket. Has an 8-round magazine and is semi-automatic - meaning it'll eject bullet casings as it fires making evidence clean up harder. Issued ammo does 30 brute damage on an unarmoured target per shot, but dumping the magazine will usually kill or crit all but the most well-prepared and/or armoured foes. Can be fitted with a suppressor, which makes it much quieter, however this increases the size to normal and it will no longer fit in your pocket. Uses 9mm ammunition.
icon name ammo types cost
10mmMag.png 9mm Handgun Magazine 30 raw damage 1
10mmmagfire.png 9mm Incendiary Handgun Magazine 15 raw damage, adds 2 firestacks 2
10mmmagAP.png 9mm Armor Piercing Magazine 27 raw damage, 40 AP 2
10mmmaghollow.png 9mm Hollow Point Magazine 40 raw damage, -50 AP 3
Formerly named Stechkin. Can be found off station sometimes.
Yes .357 Revolver Revolver.png 13 The bigger gun, makes a very loud and distinct noise. It's a very reliable weapon for a quick and bloody murder, as most people cannot react in time before being shot twice. This gun comes loaded with 7 rounds, more can be bought from your uplink or created with a hacked autolathe. The damage is high enough to quickly blow up a supermatter crystal.
icon name ammo types cost
357 speedloader.png .357 Ammo 60 raw damage. A speedloarder lets you recharge your revolver instantaneusly with up to 7 bullets. The speedloader itself can quickly be filled with bullets by clicking any bunch of them on the ground or on top of a hacked autolathe. Will not feed into the autolathe if you accidentally click it. 4
Yes Toy Gun with Riot Darts Toy gun.png 3 An innocent-looking toy pistol designed to fire foam darts, identical to normal toy guns. Comes loaded with riot-grade darts effective at incapacitating a target. Doesn't do lethal damage, so combine it with a proper murder tool.}}
icon name ammo types cost
Foambox riot.png Box of Riot Darts A standard box of riot foam darts for toy weapons. Buy this if you cannot get it from a hacked autolathe, or reuse the ones you shot. Darts do 25 stamina damage. 2

Stealthy and Inconspicuous Weapons

Ops? Item Icon Cost description info
Yes Dart Pistol Dart pistol.png 2 A miniature syringe gun that can load chemical-filled syringes and shoot them at people. Only fits one syringe at a time, but it can fit in pockets.
Just like the normal syringe gun, it can be horrifically deadly if you know your chemistry.
Yes Dehydrated Space Carp Carp plush.png 1 Looks like a plush toy carp, but just add water and it becomes a real-life space carp! Activate in your hand before use to pet it, so it knows not to kill you. A well placed carp can pose a threat to unarmed and unrobust crewmembers, but it's still a relatively stupid simplemob, so don't expect it to win against people who know what they're doing. Also remember carps are spaceproof, in case you want aggressive de-airing of rooms. Surplus classic
Yes Energy Dagger Edagger.gif 2 A pen that once activated in your hand becomes an energy dagger that does 18 brute on hit, and 35 brute when thrown. It's better than most improvised weapons, very cheap, and easily concealable, especially in your PDA. A nice fallback in case your injured target manages to disarm you of your primary weapon.
No Martial Arts Scroll Scroll.png 13 This scroll will teach you the Sleeping Carp style, making you immune to ranged attacks while throw mode is active but also unable to use guns, while making your hits stronger. You must keep reading the scroll until you get a message saying you have mastered the ability. This will take some time and you will see several flavor messages while reading.

The Sleeping Carp style was overhauled in Feb, 2020 and now has the following effects:

  • You will not be able to use any ranged weapon, as that would be dishonorable.
  • If throw mode is active you deflect all ranged attacks, whether energy or physical (but not thrown items; you still catch those if possible).
  • Some resistance to wounds (but not immunity).
  • Your ordinary punches deal 10-15 brute.
  • Space carp won't attack you.
  • You gain the ability to perform combo attacks while unarmed and having the Sleeping Carp martial art.

You execute a combo step by successfully attacking a person while on a certain intent. Example: To perform Crashing Wave Kick you click a person while on harm intent to attack them once, switch to disarm intent, then spamclick the same person until you successfully perform the second combo step. Basically you attack with one intent, wait for the 0.8ish second attack cooldown to go away, and then click the same person again with the next required intent.

Combo name Combo Effect Attack message
Crashing Wave Kick Intent Harm.png Harm Intent Disarm.png Disarm Launch people brutally across rooms, and away from you. Deals 15 brute. X kicks Y square in the chest, sending them flying!
Keelhaul Intent Harm.png Harm Intent Grab.png Grab Kick opponents to the floor, dealing 10 brute and 4 seconds of knockdown if they are standing. Against prone targets, deal 40 stamina damage and disarm them. X kicks Y in the head, sending them face first into the floor!

X kicks Y in the head!

Gnashing Teeth Intent Harm.png Harm Intent Harm.png Harm Deal additional damage every second punch. 20 damage. Precisely kick, brutally chop, cleanly hit or viciously slam.
25+ players only
No Mini Energy Crossbow Ebow.png 10 This weapon is not meant for killing, rather it is intended for stunning. Though this weapon does make a sound when fired, it is still very quiet, and does not provide any message that it has been fired. Easily concealed in your pocket, strong when paired with a strong melee weapon such as the energy sword. It has no shot limit, but takes a while to charge each shot. On targets without energy armor each shot deals 15 toxin damage, 60 stamina damage, knocks down for 1 second, and blurs the vision of the target. It takes two hits to stamcrit someone unless they have armor. 25+ players only
No Boxed Origami Kit Syndibox.pngOrigami book.png 6 This kit contains a book to teach you The Art of Origami, and 5 ordinary papers. Activate the book in hand to read it until you get the message "You feel like you've got a good handle on origami!". Afterwards, click the new HUD icon to toggle origami folding on.
When enabled, any paper airplane you fold (by alt-clicking a paper) will turn into a deadly throwing weapon that looks the same as an ordinary paper airplane. These planes will deal 20 brute damage on thrown hit and cause bleeding. Victims not wearing any eyewear will also be paralyzed for 4 seconds and take eye damage. These planes will always hit people in the eyes, regardless of which body part you're aiming at.
Yes Poison Kit Syndibox.png 6 This kit contains a bottle each of Polonium, Venom, Fentanyl, Formaldehyde, Cyanide, Histamine, Initropidil, Pancuronium, Sodium Thiopental, Coniine, Curare and Amanitin, with a free syringe to inject them with. . Those experienced in chemistry with the appropriate access may find the kit redundant.
Yes Romerol Syndibox.png 25 Romerol adds a zombie infection organ to victims. When those victims die, they will revive as zombies who can infect other people. It can be applied to corpses directly, allowing creation of zombies from corpses in the Morgue, or to living beings to turn them into an apocalyptic time bomb! Actually adds a zombie organ.
No Sleepy Pen Pen.png 4 The sleepy pen is a devious instant-use injector disguised as a normal pen. It can hold up to 45u reagents and starts with 20u Chloral Hydrate, 15u Mute-Toxin, and 10u Tirizene, which prevents people from talking and causing them to fall asleep after about 20 seconds at most. They can still see and hear everything around them, until they actually fall asleep. Have a plan to keep them from fleeing or killing you while you wait for the drugs to kick in.
Sleepy pens can also be emptied and refilled like any other container, allowing you to instantly inject up to 45u of any chemical cocktail you can get your hands on. If you know your chemistry, you can easily turn one into an instant-use lethal injection device.
Regardless of payload, the victim will feel a tiny prick, but the stab will be invisible to others, and the pen does not pierce hardsuits and other such protective gear.
Yes Universal Suppressor Universal suppressor.png 3 A universal syndicate small-arms suppressor for maximum espionage. When attached to a gun, no message is given when you fire it, making it possible to gun people down before they realize what's happening. Can be fitted to weapons such as the Makarov Pistol, C-20r Submachine Gun, Sniper Rifle or Surplus Rifle. Remove it by alt-clicking the firearm.
Yes Syndicate Holster Syndicate holster.png 1 An empty chameleon belt capable of holding up to two pistols, revolvers, disablers, mini energy guns or pulse carbines. Wearing a holster of any variety allows you to spin guns around by using them in hand. Doing it twice in rapid succession allows you to eject the bullets as normal.

Grenades and Explosives

All items available to nuclear operatives.

Item Icon Cost description info
Composition C-4 C4.gif 1 This stick of explosives can detonate and destroy almost anything it is placed on, after any chosen amount of seconds (the shortest being 10). Use it in hand to set the timer, then use it on what you want to attach it to; it takes 3 seconds to set up, and requires you to be un-interrupted. You can also attach a signaler to remotely detonate at will, among other things.
Can be directly placed on mobs, but will only deal around 50 damage and not gib. Be very careful not to stick it onto yourself or your backpack! Alternately, set the timer to something ludicrously high and slap it on the Clown like a festive decoration.
Bag of C-4 Explosives Duffle syndie.png 8 A large red and black dufflebag that contains a pile of C4. It's cheaper to buy in bulk than individually if you know you'll need a lot of C4, and can handle toting the bag around.
Bag of X-4 Explosives Duffle syndie.png 4 Contains 3 X4 charges in a handy dufflebag, to use however you want. X4 is a more powerful version of C4, and will also deal damage in a cone behind the target.
EMP Kit Syndibox.png 2 EMP blasts have a number of uses; stunning cyborgs, disabling AI cameras, turning off headset radios, draining stun batons and energy guns, fucking with APC scrubbers, opening or shocking doors, blinding those wearing thermals and more.
To use the grenade, activate it in hand and throw it at the offending technology. The implanter functions the same, but after implanting it into yourself, it can be activated three times using the action button.
EMPing a group of security officers can disable half their arsenal, and the grenades are invaluable against silicons.
Detomatix PDA Cartridge Pda cartrige.png 6 A cartridge for your PDA. When inserted, it will allow you to use a missile program to try and detonate a target PDA. Your target will need their PDA's messenger function turned on in order to attempt this, and you need to scan for other PDAs, then import the list to find a target. Sending a PDA bomb has a chance to fail, can only be attempted 4 times per cartridge, and may not work on high level PDAs (the Captain's).
If successful, the target's PDA will explode, destroying the ID and damaging them, while also likely blowing their eardrums out.
For best results, have your targets in mind beforehand and send as many messages out as you can in rapid succession; once someone yells about their PDA exploding, others can simply turn off their messenger to stop you from targeting them.
In addition, the missile program can detonate your own PDA, allowing you to use it as an emergency hand grenade. Try not to blow up your uplink if you still have telecrystals remaining!
For syndicate operatives, this cartridge also has the blast door toggle function for the syndicate shuttle, allowing you to open the door when the person with the military PDA has died horribly.
Pizza Bomb Pizza bomb.gif 6 A pizza box with a bomb cunningly attached to the lid. The timer needs to be set by opening the box, removing the pizza, using it in-hand, and then closing the lid with or without the pizza; afterwards, opening the box again will trigger the detonation after the timer has elapsed. Comes with free pizza, for you or your target!
Slipocalypse Clusterbang Clusterbang.png 3 A traditional clusterbang grenade with a payload consisting entirely of Syndicate soap. Set it off and hope the entire Security team comically slips on the soap and goes flying out the airlocks.
Syndicate Bomb Syndicate Bomb.gif 11 The Syndicate Bomb is a huge, bulky explosive with an adjustable timer, minimum 90 seconds. Ordering the bomb sends you a small beacon, which will teleport the explosive to your location when you activate it. The bomb itself is too big to pick up and must be dragged into position, so only call it down when you're ready. Once armed, wrench the bomb down to prevent easy removal, or else someone might just push it into space.
While the bomb is counting down, it produces a loud beeping audible from adjacent rooms. If the crew finds it, they can use regular tools to open it up and fiddle with the wires. One randomly-selected wire disarms the bomb if tampered with, but another will set the bomb off immediately! This can be used to your advantage by figuring out the detonation wire and adding a signaler so you can control when the bomb will go off; consider stealing Security's training bomb to find out which wire detonates.
When the bomb goes off, it creates a huge explosion, which punches holes in the station and destroys the surrounding area. Flames burst everywhere, but they extinguish almost immediately, most likely due to exposure to space.
Syndicate operatives should take note of the detonation button that spawns at their HQ, which instantly sets off every syndicate bomb on the z-level when pushed.
Syndicate EMP Bomb Syndicate Bomb.gif 7 A variation of the syndicate bomb designed to produce a large EMP effect. Ordering the bomb sends you a small beacon, which will teleport the EMP to your location when you activate it. Use the same way as you use a syndicate bomb (see above). Creates an EMP with a range of 15 heavy and 25 light.
Syndicate Minibomb Syndicate Minibomb.gif 6 The Minibomb is a grenade with a five-second fuse. It will cause a small explosion, but that explosion will still create holes to space. It can usually outright kill or even gib an unarmored target; those wearing armor may survive. A messier and more costly alternative to using an IED on a corpse.

Stealth and Camouflage Items

Ops? Item Icon Cost description info
No Chameleon Kit Syndibox.png 2 The chameleon kit is an outfit that can easily be set to any appearance in the game. Use the HUD icons to change individual pieces, or use the handy outfit button to select a quick and easy preset from common outfits.
The mask has a built-in voice changer that can be toggled on/off by using it in hand, and will match your voice with your currently equipped ID (great in combination with the Agent ID!). Extremely useful for infiltration.
If EMP'd, chameleon gear breaks, rapidly switching between outfits. If you don't actually care about traitoring, or steal a chameleon kit, this can be a lot of fun. You can also select outfit pieces from rare, admin-only or maybe even removed items!
But not the skillcape!
No Chameleon Skillchip Syndicate autoimplanter.png 4 A highly advanced skillchip that contains data of all available Skillchips. After implanted you can swap its active function between that of several existing chips. Swapping has a cooldown of 5 minutes. Uses (2) skillchip slots and unlike ordinary chips it can't be removed without being destroyed. EMP causes active skill to randomize.
No No-Slip Chameleon Shoes Brshoe.png 2 These shoes have an action button to change shape, but unlike the chameleon shoes from the kit they also protect you from slips. 20+ players only. Huh.
Yes Agent ID Card Id regular.png 2 The Agent ID card has a number of useful applications. First and most notably, you can change it's appearance and assigned name and job at will. Note that this doesn't give you access on it's own, but wearing a common gas mask can allow you to appear as any other crewmember, or even a fake one. Wearing the Chameleon Kit's voice changing mask will also change your voice to match, but without it, talking will give you away.
Secondly, wearing this ID means the AI can't easily track you. They can still see you, but won't be able to select your name from their camera list to instantly jump to and automatically follow you. This can make it a pain for them to follow "law 2 find the traitor" orders.
Third, Beepsky and other security bots will be more lenient towards wearers of the Agent ID. These bots use a "threat assessment" system, and wearing the AID reduces this threat by 2, meaning they'll ignore minor crimes you commit near them as long as you don't stack too many offenses.
Finally, hitting a different ID with the Agent ID will cause the AID to copy its access. This can stack, and persists even as you change it's appearance, so you can quietly build up an all-in-one access card by stealing access from various people, or just copy the Captain's ID.
Yes Chameleon Projector Chameleon projector.gif 7 Using the Chameleon Projector on an item will disguise you as that item. While disguised you move at walk speed and cannot interact with anything you're not already holding, and if someone tries to pick you up the disguise fails and you change back to normal. The AI also cannot track you while disguised.
Incredibly useful, and a lot of fun if you use it correctly; hiding as something tiny like a cigarette butt or can make it very difficult for firearms to hit you, as you must be clicked on directly. You can also blend into common objects on the shuttle, or just fuck around by turning into a toilet or something.
Yes Artificial Intelligence Detector Multitool.png 1 A functional multitool that turns red when it detects an artificial intelligence watching it or its holder. While the AI is watching or tracking you, the green center light will appear as red. If it is close but not seeing you yet, it'll be yellow. Knowing when an artificial intelligence is watching you is useful for knowing when to maintain cover, such as before murdering someone or breaking in somewhere. Recently, this item has gained the ability to show an overlay that lets you see camera coverage and the real-time location of AI camera eyes.
Yes Smuggler's Satchel Smuggler.png 2 This satchel is made to fit under floortiles, and comes with a crowbar and floortile to hide it with. It can also fit in a backpack, making it an exceptional item for storage since it can hold normal sized items.
Additionally, satchels randomly spawn across the station each round, and come with random contraband like drugs or posters. Using a t-ray scanner allows them to be seen from under floortiles.
Satchel contents used to persist between rounds, but people abused that feature hard.
Yes Stimpack Stimulant medipen.png 5 This stimulant medipen comes loaded with 50u Stimulants, which will heavily increase your run speed, reduce stuns and give a small heal over time.
No Mulligan Syringe.png 4 This syringe comes loaded with a Mulligan Toxin that will randomize your appearance and identity, permanently.
Yes EMP Flashlight Flashlight.png 4 Behaves in almost an exactly similar way to the EMP kit's grenades/implant but is rechargeable, disguised, and localized. It functions exactly like a regular flashlight except when you hit something with the flashlight, the item will act as if it was hit with an EMP. Has 4 slowly regenerating charges.
Hitting a person with it will disable their headset and any energy based weaponry they possess, while hitting a cyborg will damage and stun it. Using it on doors may depower or electrify them.
Yes Radio Jammer Radio jammer.png 5 This device will block any nearby outgoing radio communication when activated. Activate it before killing someone so they can't scream over radio, and put it in your pocket or backpack.
Yes Codespeak Manual Red book.png 3 This manual teaches you, or anyone hit by it Codespeak, which sounds like random concepts and drinks to anyone listening. Unlimited uses. Use ,t before saying something to speak in Codespeak.

Space Suits and Hardsuits

Ops? Item Icon Cost description info
Yes Syndicate Space Suit Syndi suit.png 4 A special syndicate space suit that fits in backpacks, slows you less, and has a weapon slot. The color will be suspicious to the crew, however.
Resistances: melee = 40, bullet = 50, laser = 30, energy = 15, bomb = 30, bio = 30, rad = 30, fire = 80, acid = 85.
No Blood-red Hardsuit Syndi hardsuit.png 8 The feared suit of a syndicate nuclear agent. It features an internal jetpack that draws from internals, a special combat mode that is not spaceworthy but won't slow down movement, and fairly resistant armor, all while fitting in backpacks.
Resistances: melee = 40, bullet = 50, laser = 30, energy = 15, bomb = 35, bio = 100, rad = 50, fire = 50, acid = 90.
Nukies can't actually buy this.
No Infiltrator set Infiltrator case.png 6 This suit proves to be cheaper than your standard issue hardsuit, with none of the movement restrictions. Comes with an armor vest, helmet, sneaksuit, sneakboots, specialized combat gloves and a high-tech balaclava. The case can be reused to hide the outfit, or to simply store it more compactly in your backpack.
Resistances: melee = 40, bullet = 40, laser = 30, energy = 40, bomb = 70, bio = 0, rad = 0, fire = 100, acid = 100
Mask has melee = 10, bullet = 5, laser = 5, energy = 0, bomb = 0, bio = 0, rad = 10, fire = 100, acid = 40.
The mask will hide your identity when speaking, the helmet is flash proof, and the sneakboots make you walk silently.
Actually a syndicate toolbox. Can only buy 1.

Devices and Tools

All items available to nuclear operatives.

Item Icon Cost description info
Cryptographic Sequencer Emag.png 4 Also called an Emag (electromagnetic card), it allows you to break open most electronic locks, and can alter many many things on the station. Also has several special functions, as it can hack cyborgs to serve you, cause multiple electronic devices to malfunction and become deadly, and can really ruin an engineer's day. Emagging something is different from Hacking something.
Airlock Authentication Override Card Syndicate doorjack.png 3 A specialized cryptographic sequencer specifically designed to override station airlock access codes. After hacking a certain number of airlocks, the device will require some time to recharge. Has 3 charges and automatically recharge 1 every 3 minutes. Examine the card to see remaining time until next charge.
  • If it can be opened, opens it and breaks so it stays open.
  • If it can't be opened, just breaks so it stays closed.
  • Airlocks unable to be opened, due to such things as being bolted or welded shut cannot be bypassed with this card.
Camera Bug Camera bug.gif 1 When activated in your hand, you will see a list of all active cameras on the station, for you to use to spy on people or areas as you please; you can also track people, like an AI. You do not need to use the Camera Bug on cameras to be able to remotely view them. The Camera Bug used to be upgradable, but now has network, tracking, and sabotage upgrades by default and can not be further upgraded.
You can also use the Camera Bug on a camera to bug it. Bugging a camera will allow you to remotely disable that camera once through the 'tracking menu', for controlled AI/security camera blackouts.
Fully Loaded Toolbox Syndicatetools.png 1 It's a suspicious looking toolbox, filled with useful tools. Contains:a Screwdriver tool.png, aWrench.png, a Welder.png, a Crowbar.png, aMultitool.png, some Wirecutters.png, and a pair of combat gloves (which are insulated). It's also slightly more robust than a regular toolbox. Can be found offstation sometimes.
Adaptive Cardboard Cutouts Syndibox.png 1 This box contains three cardboard cutouts and a crayon to color them with. Unlike normal cardboard cutouts, they have no distinctive yellow tint, which makes them good for fooling gullible crew or an AI.
Decoy Nuclear Authentication Disk NuclearDisk.gif 1 It's just a normal disk. Visually it's identical to the real deal, and only the Captain or nuclear operatives can identify it. Regular crew will find out by looking at the pinpointer or trying to put it in the nuke.

Don't try to give this to us the Syndicate to complete your objective, they know better!

But sometimes the sprite is not animated? Investigate...
Hypnotic Flash Flash.gif 7 Hypnotises people into following absolute orders. To be considered vulnerable, a player must not be implanted with a Mindshield Implant and either be hallucinating, sleeping, at extremely low sanity or suffering from the Dumbness trauma. Being unconscious from being in crit or suffocating etc does not count as sleeping. Will trigger confusion, dizziness, drowzyness and pacify on both untargeted (use in hand) and targeted (click on sprite) flash, but needs targeted flash to hypnotize. If you successfully flash a vulnerable person you will see a message saying "Name stands still as his/her eyes seem to focus on a distant point.".

Unlike an ordinary flash, this item can not break from EMP or repeated use. This flash does not stun people.

Hypnotic Grenade Flashbang.gif 12 This flashbang is capable of inflicting the Hypnotic Stupor on vulnerable people.
As soon as they've been flashed, they will be hypnotized by the first sentence they hear and gain an obsessive compulsion to obey it. Unlike the hypnotic flash, which requires a target be "prepared" for the trance, the sound portion of the flashbang causes hallucinations, and will allow the grenade's flash to instantly induce a hypnotic trance in viewers, making them hypnotized by the next sentence they hear.
Syndicate Surgery Duffelbag Duffle syndiemed.png 3 Use it to perform any kind of surgical crime. Contains: an Hemostat.png, a Scalpel.png, a Retractor.png, a Cautery.png, a Saw.png, a Drill.png, some Drapes.png, a Muzzle.png, a Straight jacket.png, and an empty MMI.png which slaves the borg to you.
Chest Rig Chest rig.png 1 A robust seven-slot set of webbing that is capable of holding all manner of tactical equipment.
Syndicate Tome Syndicate tome.png 5 Like the chaplain's bible, but for traitors. Won't bless any water or rooms, but will heal any traitor it hits like a bible would, EXCEPT the user, which needs to bind the tome to themselves by using it in their hand. (The tome bites them as confirmation). If anyone actually used this, it would be cut from the game for being the ultimate validhunter's tool.
Thermal Imaging Glasses Optical Thermal Scanner.png 4 When worn, this item allows you to see any human, alien, cyborg, and even AIs through walls. Can be disguised as any kind of glasses. Wearing this leaves you very vulnerable to flashes, flashbangs, and EMP. Using a welding tool with this on may cause you to go blind.
Binary Translator Key Binary encryption.png 5 Insert into your headset to access the :binary channel borgs and AIs use. If your headset's full, use a screwdriver to remove the keys already in your headset, and place the ones you want back in. All keys can access the common channel, so if you have a "commons" key you can safely throw it away. While talking on the :binary channel is possible, it is not recommended as an AI can quickly realize you are not a borg slaved to them, and thus call valid salad on you. Also remember anyone can hear what you say into your radio if they are next to you.
Syndicate Encryption Key Syndicate encryption.png 2 Attach it to your headset to listen in on all of the station department's radio channels and speak on a hidden Syndicate channel with other traitors that are using the key. If your headset's full, use a screwdriver to remove the keys already in your headset. Speak on the secret channel with a :t before your text. Remember that other traitors are not obliged to be friendly to you.
Hacked AI Upload Module Circuitboard.png 9 This is a more powerful version of the Freeform AI Module. It allows you to upload Hacked laws onto the AI from any AI Upload Console. Unlike Freeform, the name of the person who uploaded it is not revealed to the AI.
The hacked Laws act like Ion Storm Laws and will precede the numbered laws in priority, automatically overriding all other laws should they conflict. Make sure you pay attention to the wording of your new Law as most AIs would love to use any loophole they can find to kill you.
Powersink Powersink.gif 10 This bad boy is a station engineers and AI's worst enemy. When bought, this thing is useless, but when the power sink comes in contact with exposed wires out in space or on the station it starts to drain the power at a RAPID rate.
You must screw it into place on a wire with a screwdriver, then turn it on. But as easy as it was set down, any one can pick it right back up! Make sure to put it somewhere secure, but also make sure that it is attached to the main station power. Once it has drained enough power, it explodes violently!
Omnious Beacon Beacon.gif 10 Placed like a powersink, screwdriver to secure it on an exposed wire node (at least 15,000 watts) and use an open hand to turn it on; the singularity beacon will attract the singularity/tesla towards it, if it is loose.

Note that for it to be useful at all the singularity/tesla does need to be released, as the beacon will not release it by itself.
A singularity beacon can not be picked up after it is spawned, and must be dragged around. It also blocks movement over it, so be sure to spawn it where you want to set the beacon up.

Briefcase Launchpad Briefcase launchpad.gif 6 A briefcase containing a miniature launchpad, able to teleport objects and mobs up to 8 tiles away and back in any direction. It's controlled via a remote disguised as a folder, allowing the user to use it in reverse when escaping.

To link the briefcase with the remote, simply hit it with the remote. To set it up, use the briefcase in hand. To pick it up once you're done, click and drag the briefcase and drop it to your character's sprite.

Radioactive Microlaser Healthanalyzer.png 3 A radioactive microlaser disguised as a standard Nanotrasen health analyzer. When used, it emits a powerful burst of radiation, which, after a short delay, can incapacitate all but the most protected of humanoids. It has two settings: intensity, which controls the power of the radiation, and wavelength, which controls how long the radiation delay is.
F.R.A.M.E. PDA Cartridge Pda cartrige.png 4 A program catridge for a PDA. Has five charges, and upon using a charge, it will unlock the target's PDA to a Syndicate Uplink with zero TC. You will also receive the code needed to unlock the PDA. You may also apply TC directly to the cartridge, and the next time it is used, it will not only unlock the PDA, but also give the crystals to the target PDA.
Syndicate Soap Synsoap.png 1 It's a bar of evil looking soap. It can clean up a blood off the ground or on your clothes by using it on them. Also slips people for a moment. Useful with an energy sword. In addition, it cleans things much faster than normal soap, making it handy for a quick cleanup.
Protocol CRAB-17 Phone Suspicious phone.png 7 This device lets you launch another device that drains the funds of all crewmembers to your bank account. When used, the phone will start draining the crew's funds and spawn a moving spacecoin market in a random location, that each crewmember have to use for a few seconds to stop the draining. Can be bought once, globally. Can be bought once, globally.


All items available to nuclear operatives.

Item Icon Cost description info
Adrenal Implant Injector.png 8 An implant injected into the body, and later activated with a HUD button to inject a chemical which slightly helps with stuns while causing an array of bad effects. Using it will instantly remove any existing knockdown (but not paralyze or stamcrit), make you stand up if resting and inject you with 6 units of Experimental Stimulants. Each injection lasts about 30 seconds. Has 3 uses. 25+ players only
Freedom Implant Injector.png 5 If you inject yourself with the implanter inside, you can instantly get out of Handcuffs 4 times. This can be quite useful for a traitor, but it's nigh useless for the syndicate during nuke operations because most people just kill them on sight. Be wary that if security figure out you can break out of handcuffs, they'll typically opt to execute you instead of arresting you.
Storage Implant Injector.png 8 An implant injected into the body, and later activated at the user's will. It will open a small bluespace pocket capable of storing two regular-sized items, that can't be detected without Surgery.
Internal Syndicate Radio Implant Injector.png 4 This implants you with a hidden radio that can access the common and secret syndicate channel (:t). Similar to a station-bounced radio, you can disable it to avoid suspicion. EMP-proof, but can't be modified with encryption keys.
Stealth Implant Cardboard box.png 8 This implant allows you to deploy inside a box that promptly turns invisible. If the box collides with a living being or vice versa, it will be temporarily revealed, pushing against the box will continue revealing it.
Injector.png 14 Injecting yourself with this will allow you to bring up a syndicate uplink menu by using a HUD-button or a custom emote. It comes with 10 telecrystals. If case you get captured, this is a get out of jail free card.

Race Restricted

No item available to nuclear operatives, they are humans (AI door!)

Item Icon Race Cost description info
Extra-Bright Lantern Lantern.png Moths.gif
2 We heard that moths such as yourself really like lamps, so we decided to grant you early access to a prototype Syndicate brand Extra-Bright Lantern™. Enjoy.

Role Restricted

No item available to nuclear operatives, they do it for free don't have jobs!

All items from a specific department are also available to the head of said department. The HoP has no department.

Item Icon Role Cost description info
Reverse Bear Trap Reversebeartrap.png Clown.png
5 An ingenious execution device worn on (or forced onto) the head. Arming it starts a 1-minute kitchen timer mounted on the bear trap. When it goes off, the trap's jaws will violently open, instantly killing anyone wearing it by tearing their jaws in half. To arm, attack someone with it while they're not wearing headgear, and you will force it onto their head after three seconds uninterrupted. The victim can attempt to disarm it. Each disarm attempt makes them a little more likely to succeed.
Banana Cream Pie Cannon Pie cannon.png 10 A special pie cannon for a special clown. This gadget can hold up to 20 pies and automatically fabricates one every two seconds.
Reverse Revolver Revolver.png 14 This revolver with a special pin can only be shot straight by clumsy people. Everyone else who tries to fire it will instead shoot themselves in the face.
People can prove hard to convince it's the real deal, especially metagamers that see a clown with a gun and know what's up. Advanced pranking would involve other traitors' revolvers.
Clown Bomb Syndicate Bomb.gif 15 A bomb that releases fifty clowns. It even honks instead of beeping.
Clown Car Clowncar.png 20 The clown car lets you run people over and stuff them inside your trunk. They're unable to escape unless you crash into a wall, which will fling you and any passengers outside! Comes with a horn, a button to release all passengers and a lube-defense mechanism(tm) which has a 1/3 chance to drop some lube if someone decides to shoot at your sweet ride. If you can somehow get it emagged, you unlock even more fun! Only clowns can drive this, the key being their their bikehorn. Banana peels allegedly repair it.
Guide to Advanced Mimery Series Advanced mimery.pngAdvanced mimery.png Mime.png
12 The classical two part series on how to further hone your mime skills. Upon studying the series, the user should be able to make 3x1 invisible walls, and shoot bullets out of their fingers. The books don't disappear upon learning, so try to hide or destroy them once you are done.
Ancient Toolbox Testbox.png Assistant.png
2 A toolbox specially preserved and modified for your robusting needs, comes with normal tools and Insulated Gloves, but its special feature is having its damage increased the more telecrystals you have inside it!
Ancient Jumpsuit Grey jumpsuit.png 20 An old smelly grey jumpsuit, this item provides no benefit or disadvantage other than bragging rights.
EZ clean bundle Grenade.png Janitor.png
6 This bundle of 3 illegal cleaning grenades from Waffle Co. have a generous serving of trademark reagent "ez clean", guaranteed to strip away any organic stain. Highly effective in littered, dirty, crowded hallways.
His Grace His Grace.gif Chaplain.png
20 His Grace is a powerful entity that can grant enormous powers in exchange for sacrifices. Spawned dormant use it inhand to activate it. Once activated and soulbound to the player, the hunger starts. As His Grace grows hungrier, it grants its wielder various buffs.
  • It starts peckish, giving just a moderate damage buff.
  • Then he hungers, giving some damage and healing when held, and will devour any that come near him if he is resting on the ground.
  • More hunger leads to him being famished, at which point the damage and healing start to become considerable, but he will not let go of your hand anymore at this point. GET-FOOD.
  • STARVING: NOW YOU DID IT. You are basically a hulk with a ridiculous healing buff; I hope you read this guide in advance, because you have about ten seconds to live befor-
  • DEATH: you are dead. The hunger was too much, so His Grace has worked his way up your arm and popped your head in his jaws like a ripe grape. At this point the counter resets, his grace rests on the ground one last time and if no assistants gets too close, becomes dormant again from the hunger. Bodies can be retrieved from his jaws, and changelings can revive and crawl out.
  • ASCENSION: If His Grace eats 25 people, it will turn a golden color, gain extra force and will never go back to sleep. It will always stay at its current hunger level.
Haunted Magic Eightball Eightball.png Librarian.png
2 Just like the toy version, this eightball has a pool of twenty answers. The toy version just picks them randomly, while this haunted version polls all the ghosts and then picks the most popular answer selected by them. To use, it must be shaken for 15 seconds after you've spoken your question aloud, and then has a 3 minute cooldown between uses. Haunted and toy eightballs are indistinguishable except in the quality of their answers. Ghosts are fickle things and it's uncertain wether they will help you or not.
This item is currently bugged, and non-functional. The twenty possible answers are the following:
"It is certain", "It is decidedly so", "Without a doubt", "Yes definitely", "You may rely on it", "As I see it, yes", "Most likely", "Outlook good", "Yes", "Signs point to yes", "Reply hazy try again", "Ask again later", "Better not tell you now", "Cannot predict now", "Concentrate and ask again", "Don't count on it", "My reply is no", "My sources say no", "Outlook not so good" and "Very doubtful".
Can only be bought once.
Box of Gorilla Cubes Monkey Cube Box.png Geneticist.png
6 A box with 3 Waffle Co. brand gorilla cubes: similar to monkey cubes, but will release angry gorillas when rehydrated. Expose them to water and watch the mayhem from a safe distance. Any monkey actually has a 0.1% chance every second to mutate into a gorilla if they are irradiated enough, but where would you get 3000 irradiated monkeys?
Modified Syringe Gun Sgun.png 14 A syringe gun that fires DNA injectors instead of normal syringes.
Magillitis Serum Autoinjector Bottle16.png 15 Contains a chemical that turns you into a fast, tough gorilla after a short while. In theory, if a brain is harvested from the gorilla carcass and inserted into an empty body, the injected person can be brought back.
Blast Cannon Loaded blastcannon.png Scientist generic.png
14 This unassuming piece of hardware can load TTVs and will launch a projectile in a straight line, until it gets stopped by a wall. Wall penetration power is determined by the bomb's theoretical explosion size.
Projectiles fly across Z-levels, which is very fun with looping Z-levels, or even just for sniping AIs across space.
Concealed Weapon Bay Mecha weapon bay.png Roboticist.png
3 The concealed weapon bay is an item that attaches to non-combat mechs such as Ripleys or Odysseuses and allows them to equip one mech weapon. A mech can only have one attached. Examining the mech will not reveal the attached weapon (although the raising message still shows).
Laser Arm Implant Syndicate autoimplanter.png 10 An implant that grants you a recharging laser gun inside your arm. Weak to EMPs. Comes with a one use syndicate autosurgeon for immediate self-application. A screwdriver can be used to remove it from the autosurgeon, but implant can't be placed back in.
Australicus Slime Mutator Syringe.png Roboticist.png
Scientist generic.png
10 Requires knowledge in xenobiology to use properly. Buying this gives you a syringe containing 1u Spider Extract. When this substance is injected into an unused gold slime extract it spawns three non-hostile and non-sentient broodmother spiders. These won't cause any havoc unless you manage to make them sentient, which can be done with a sentience potion made from light pink extracts (not included).
Reagent Dartgun Regeantdartgun.png Chemist.png
Generic cmo.png
12 This special dartgun produces four 15u piercing syringes every 25 seconds and draws from an internal 100u chemical container. You must fill the chemical container yourself.
Brainwashing Surgery Program Disk.gif Doctor.png
Medical Doctor,
Generic cmo.png
5 A disk containing the procedure to perform a brainwashing surgery, allowing you to implant a primary objective onto a target which he/she must obey. Insert into an Operating Console to enable the procedure.
Kinetic Accelerator Pressure Mod Modkit.png Miner.png
5 A modification kit which allows Kinetic Accelerators to do greatly increased damage while indoors. Occupies 35% mod capacity. Use 2 for full damage. (You can only order two).
Explosive Hot Potato Potato.png Botanist.png
Generic chef.png
4 When used inhand, a special mechanism activates preventing it from being dropped, and a timer starts. The potato can only be transferred away from you by hitting another being with it, and when the timer expires it explodes!
Butcher's Meat Hook Meat hook.png Generic chef.png
11 A meat hook on the end of a long chain. Clicking from range will fire the chain, which drags the target to you, deals 20 brute and stamina damage with 60 armor penetration and 0.5 second knockdown. Was originally shaft miner loot.
Disposable Sentry Gun Turret.PNG Generic engineer.png
Station Engineer
11 A disposable sentry gun deployment system cleverly disguised as a toolbox. Works and functions as a normal red toolbox, until you attack it on Intent Harm.png harm intent with a wrench. Upon bashing it with a wrench, the toolbox will transform into a ballistic sentry gun, theoretically shooting at anyone except you. The turret only has 100 health however, so it will not last long when attacked.
Organic Resources Disturbance Inducer Occupational corruption device.png Generic hop.png
Generic qm.png
2 An Occupational Corruption Device. Using it triggers the bureaucratic error event which randomly opens and closes available job slots for latejoiners. Limited to 1 purchase.

(Pointless) Badassery

All items available to nuclear operatives.

Item Icon Cost description info
Syndicate Playing Cards Syndi cards.png 1 A special deck of space-grade playing cards with a mono-molecular edge and metal reinforcement, making them slightly more robust than a normal deck of cards.
Syndicate Briefcase Full of Cash Briefcase.png 1 A secure briefcase containing 5000 space credits. Useful for bribing personnel, or purchasing goods and services at lucrative prices. The briefcase also feels a little heavier to hold; it has been manufactured to pack a little bit more of a punch if your client needs some convincing. Alternates between useful and useless depending on whoever is reworking the game economy system.
Syndicate Smokes Syngarettes.png 2 Strong flavor, dense smoke. Each cigarette is infused with 10u nicotine and 15u omnizine. Smoking one of these cigarettes takes about 2 minutes. Do not confuse with trick cigarettes.
Syndicate Balloon Balloon.png 20 A red balloon with a white S on it. It floats. Security may arrest you for having one. You could buy multiple of these if part of a nuke team.

Nuclear Operatives special equipment

Below are items available exclusively to Nuclear Operatives.

Your Uplink

Generic nukesyndie.png Nuclear operatives have a radio Radio.png as uplink which starts unlocked, and can be detonated as an impromptu bomb if money is tight. The shop interface is divided into categories. Operatives receive roughly 10 Crystals for each 10 crewmembers on the station, and receive extra if they declare war on Nanotrasen.

Some items are very expensive, sometimes enough to be impossible to purchase. You can obtain more telecrystals from other operatives, or give yours away. How? In the category "bundles and telecrystals" you can "buy" TeleCrystals to eject them from your uplink, and reinsert them into any unlocked uplink.

Up to three items, unique for each operative, can be purchased *once* each for a randomly discounted price. Cheaper items get discounted more often and discounts tend to average around 50% off, but every once in a while you can hit the jackpot and get a revolver for 80% off. There are also team discounts: discounted items that have unlimited supply (can always buy more as long as you have TC left) that are the same for every operative. Woe to any station that is besieged by operatives with discounted explosives, assault cyborgs or mechs.


Item Icon Cost description info
Bioterror bundle Duffle syndiemed.png 30 For the madman: Contains a Bioterror spray, Bioterror Grenade, a Poison Kit, a Dart Pistol, a box of syringes, a Donksoft assault rifle, and some extra darts. Remember: Seal suit and equip internals before use. 12 TC saved
Bulldog bundle Duffle syndie.png 13 Lean and mean: Optimised for people that want to get up close and personal. Contains the popular Bulldog Shotgun, a 12g stun slug drum, a 12g buckshot drum, and a pair of Thermal Imaging Goggles. 3 TC saved
C-20r bundle Duffle syndie.png 14 Old faithful: The classic C-20r Submachine Gun, bundled with two magazines, and a Suppressor.
Cybernetic Implant Bundle Duffle syndiemed.png 40 Contains 5 random cybernetic implants. Guaranteed to at least pay for its cost. With the most expensive implant being macrobomb at 20 TC each, max saving would be 60% and the average will be much less. Check the other discounted categories first.
Medical bundle Duffle syndiemed.png 15 The support specialist: Aid your fellow operatives with this medical bundle. Contains a combat first-aid kit loaded with medical gauze, a compact defibrillator, a brute and burn patch, a Chloral Hydrate syringe, and a combat hypospray loaded with:

Also includes night vision health HUD glasses, a Donksoft machine gun, a box of ammo, and a pair of magboots to rescue your friends in no-gravity environments.

5 TC saved
Sniper bundle Briefcase.png 20 Elegant and refined: Contains a collapsed sniper rifle in an expensive carrying case, two soporific magazine, a free surplus supressor, and a worn out suit and tie. 6 TC saved.
Spetsnaz Pyro bundle Duffle syndie.png 30 For systematic suppression of carbon lifeforms in close range: Contains an elite fireproof hardsuit, a pyro backpack fire sprayer, a Stechkin APS pistol, two incendiary magazines, a bottle of flammable vodka, a pipebomb, and a stimulant syringe. 12 TC saved. The backpack sprayer is kinda trash not gonna lie. For the love of god don't set your teammates on fire!!

Conspicuous and Dangerous Weapons

Note: the ammo category has been rolled into the weapon's tables for efficiency sake.

Item Icon Cost description info
Bulldog Shotgun Bulldog.png 8 The Bulldog is a semi-automatic drum fed shotgun that can hold up to 8 shells. This can make a excellent fallback weapon or a robust primary weapon by itself. While its suffers from the drawbacks of shotguns (less damage at range) it can nonetheless make a reliable and cheap alternative to other more expensive weapons. Starts with a syndicate firing pin, which prevents enemies from using it.
icon name ammo types cost
BuckshotBull.png 12g Buckshot Drum A 8 round drum magazine for use in the Bulldog Shotgun. Essentially functions as any normal shotgun, deals great damage in close range combat, dealing 45 brute damage if all pellets hit, but has damage falloff over range.
Akin to most shotguns a buckshot magazine is unreliable in ranged combat, however this ammo type excels in close range encounters such as maintenance or when holding a corner.
DragonBreathBull.png 12g Dragon's Breath Drum A 8 round drum magazine for use in the Bulldog Shotgun. Dragon's Breath shells trade immediate damage, dealing only 20 brute damage if all pellets hit a target, for long term damage in setting anyone caught in its blast on fire. A shot from a Dragon's Breath magazine leaves a long trail of fire that quickly dissipates, but can be effective in setting many crew members on fire. Don't shoot your own teammates in the back. 2
BreachingBull.png 12g Breaching A 8 round drum magazine for use in the Bulldog Shotgun. Breaching shells shoot one single 30 damage bullet, that stuns any person it hits for a moment. The real value of these shells is that anything hit by them is knocked away, including normally anchored things like airlocks. 2
BuckshotBull.png 12g Slugs A 8 round drum magazine for use in the Bulldog Shotgun. Shoots one single 50-damage projectile. 3
Duffle syndie.png Ammo bundle Contains 6 stun drums, a buckshot drum, a slug drum and a dragon's breath drum. 12
(19 value)
C-20r Submachine Gun C20r.png 13 Has 24-round magazines and uses .45 rounds. A reliable and robust weapon. Can also be fitted with a Silencer. Starts with a syndicate firing pin, which prevents enemies from using it.
icon name ammo types cost
45Mag.png .45 Ammo A 24-round .45 magazine for use in the C-20r submachine gun. 35 raw damage. 3
45Mag.png .45 Incendiary SMG Magazine A 24-round .45 magazine for use in the C-20r submachine gun. 15 raw damage, adds two firestacks. 4
45Mag.png .45 Armor Piercing SMG Magazine A 24-round .45 magazine for use in the C-20r submachine gun. 30 raw damage, 50 Armor Piercing capability. 5
Duffle syndie.png Ammo bundle Contains 9 C-20r SMG magazines, for a total of 216 shots. 20
(27 value)
L6 Squad Automatic Weapon L6machinegun.png 18 Holds the most ammo of any gun available: 50 1.95x129mm rounds dealing high brute damage. A few good shots on someone and they're down. Shoots in three-round bursts and needs two free hands to use. Dust cover must be opened with an alt-click to be able to insert a new magazine. Starts with a syndicate firing pin, which prevents enemies from using it.
icon name ammo types cost
A762.png 1.95x129mm Box Magazine A 50-round magazine of 1.95x129mm ammunition for use in the L6 SAW machinegun. By the time you need to use this, you'll already be on a pile of corpses. 6
A762.png 1.95x129mm (Hollow-Point) Box Magazine A 50-round magazine of 1.95x129mm Hollow-Point ammunition, that deals 60 damage on hit, that is however heavily reduced by armor. 6
A762.png 1.95x129mm (Incendiary) Box Magazine A 50-round magazine of 1.95x129mm Incendiary ammunition, that only deals 20 damage on hit but leaves a fiery trail, while setting targets hit on fire as well. 6
A762.png 1.95x129mm (Armor Penetrating) Box Magazine description = A 50-round magazine of 1.95x129mm Armor Penetrating ammunition, that deals 40 damage on hit and negates all but the most durable armor. 9
A762.png 7.12x82mm (Match) Box Magazine A 50-round magazine of 7.12x82mm ammunition for use in the L6 SAW. Perfect for ricocheting off walls all fancy-like. 40 damage, 60 ricochet chance. 10
Sniper Rifle Sniper.png 16 The Sniper Rifle is a high-power long range weapon fitted with a scope; activating the scope will move your screen several tiles in front of you, allowing you to see further than normally possible, allowing you to shoot unaware targets.
Requires a free hand to use. Initially loaded with 6 .50 sniper rounds, which deal 70 damage, stun, penetrate armor, and have a chance of dismembering limbs. They can also deal significant damage to objects, destroying airlocks and machinery in one or two hits. Starts with a syndicate firing pin, which prevents enemies from using it.
icon name ammo types cost
Sniper ammo.png .50 Magazine A 6-round magazine of .50 ammunition for the sniper rifle. Deals 70 damage, stuns, penetrates armor and destroys machinery on hit. 4
Sniper ammo.png .50 Penetrator Magazine A 6-round magazine of .50 penetrating ammunition for the sniper rifle. Deals 60 damage, doesn't stun, dismember or break machinery. But it passes through everything it hits, including walls, making it extremely useful for crowds or very protected targets, like the AI. 5
Sniper ammo sleep.png .50 Soporific Magazine A 6-round magazine of .50 soporific ammunition for the sniper rifle. Deals no damage and doesn't break machinery, but any human hit by these will fall asleep for about 40 seconds. 6
Surplus SMG Plastikov.png 2 An ancient 9x19mm submachine gun pattern updated and simplified to lower costs, though perhaps simplified too much.
icon name ammo types cost
9x19full ammo.png Surplus SMG Magazine 50 shots. 10 damage each. 1
Substituted the mosin, a less forgiving weapons for shoot-ers and shoot-ats.
Stechkin APS Machine Pistol Stetchkin.png 10 A ancient Soviet machine pistol, refurbished for the modern age. Uses 9mm auto rounds in 15-round magazines and is compatible with suppressors. The gun fires in three round bursts.
icon name ammo types cost
9mmaps.png 9mm Stechkin APS Magazine An additional 15-round 9mm magazine, compatible with the Stechkin APS machine pistol. 30 raw damage. 2
Not to be confused with the Makarov Pistol, which used to be named "Stechkin Pistol". Has fire delay and adds 10 spread.
M-90gl Carbine M90.png 18 This carbine has a three-round burst setting as well as an underbarrel grenade launcher. Magazines hold 30 rounds of bullets, which is more than enough against unarmored targets.
icon name ammo types cost
5.56m toploader mag.png 5.56mm Toploader Magazine An additional 30-round 5.56mm magazine;. Every time you call it a clip, god, kills a kitten. 30 damage, 30 AP. 4
5.56m toploader mag.png 5.56mm Toploader Phasic Magazine An additional 30-round 5.56mm magazine; These bullets are made from an experimental alloy, 'Ghost Lead', that allows it to pass through almost any non-organic material. 20 damage, 70 AP. 8
40mmHE ammo.png 40mm HE Grenade Insert into the M-90gl Carbine. Do not throw. These grenades do not fit in regular grenade launchers. 2
Flamethrower Flamethrower.png 4 Shoots jets of burning plasma. Has little stopping power, but will usually cause enemies to retreat. Can be reloaded by using plasma tanks or canisters in Toxins or Engineering. Remember only the black suits are fireproof. Same as a craftable flamethrower. Why is this here, why does it cost so much, why are you burning plasma instead of stealing it?
Toy Submachine Gun Fake c20r.png 5 A toy SMG. Guaranteed to not be taken seriously until it's too late. Loaded with 20 darts. Starts with a syndicate firing pin, which prevents enemies from using it.
icon name ammo types cost
Foambox riot.png Box of Riot Darts A standard box of riot foam darts for toy weapons. Buy this if you cannot get it from a hacked autolathe, or reuse the ones you shot. Darts do 25 stamina damage. 2
aka donksoft SMG
Toy Machine Gun Fake SAW.png 10 A toy SAW. Guaranteed to not be taken seriously until it's too late. Loaded with 50 darts. Starts with a syndicate firing pin, which prevents enemies from using it.
icon name ammo types cost
Foambox riot.png Box of Riot Darts A standard box of riot foam darts for toy weapons. Buy this if you cannot get it from a hacked autolathe, or reuse the ones you shot. Darts do 25 stamina damage. 2
aka donksoft LMG
84mm Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher Rocketlauncher.png 8 A reusable rocket propelled grenade launcher preloaded with a low-yield 84mm HE round.
icon name ammo types cost
Srm-8.png 84mm HE Rocket A low-yield anti-personnel HE rocket. 4
84mm-hedp ammo.png 84mm HEDP Rocket A high-yield HEDP rocket; extremely effective against armored targets (mechs and silicons), as well as surrounding personnel. 6
Biohazardous Chemical Sprayer Bio chem sprayer.png 20 A high-volume chemical sprayer loaded with the most lethal poisons available to the syndicate; anyone caught by the spray will die a quick and painful death if not treated immediately or wearing protective clothing.

Grenades and Explosives

Item Icon Cost description info
Bioterror Foam Grenade Grenade.png 5 A powerful chemical foam grenade which creates a deadly torrent of foam that will mute, blind, confuse, mutate, and irritate carbon lifeforms. Specially brewed by Tiger Cooperative chemical weapons specialists using additional spore toxin. Ensure suit is sealed before use.
Buzzkill Grenade Box Syndibox.png 15 These grenades release ten bees that will indiscriminately attack anyone with random toxins. Keep in mind that bees can't attack people wearing thick clothing - like hardsuits and EVA/fire/bio/EOD suits as well as some costumes.
Fungal Tuberculosis Grenade Box.png 12 A box that contains several ways to apply the Fungal Tuberculosis virus: an extremely virulent and hard to cure disease that stuns and suffocates its targets. The box contains a viral smoke grenade, 5 single-use instant Bio Virus Antidote Kits (BVAK autoinjectors) with 20u vaccine (inject 10u per use), a BVAK bottle (30u vaccine) and a normal syringe.
Viscerator Delivery Grenade Delivery grenade.png 5 This grenade, when thrown, will disperse 10 manhack viscerators. They will proceed to chase and attack any nearby Non-Syndicate personnel. They deal a surprisingly high amount of damage over time but can be outrun easily. The grenade is fantastic at helping clearing out a crowd of crewmen. However, it can be ineffective against Security personnel and the Captain as their armor and weapons allow them to ignore the viscerators long enough to (try to) gun you down. They are also extremely sharp and can outright sever limbs when attacking.
Grenadier's Belt Combat belt.png 22 A belt containing a large amount of assorted grenades. TO be specific, it contains:
  • 2 Syndicate Minibombs;
  • 10 Frag Grenades: A bit less powerful than minibombs, but with a higher flame range;
  • 2 Incendiary Grenades: They spread a wave of plasmafire, burning everything in their path;
  • 4 Gluon Grenades: They deal radiation damage when exploding, and freeze the surrounding area afterwards, making it slippery;
  • 2 EMP Grenades;
  • 1 Fluorosulfuric Acid Smoke Grenade: It will spread extremely potent acid in its area of effect, melting armor, objects and people inside;
  • 1 Flashbang;
  • 4 Smoke Bombs;
  • Screwdriver and Multitool to customize grenades. Some different triggers can be found in the Syndicate Infiltrator Ship.
Syndicate Detonator Big red button.png 3 The Syndicate Detonator is a companion device to the Syndicate Bomb. Simply press the included button and an encrypted radio frequency will instruct all live syndicate bombs to detonate. Useful for when speed matters or you wish to synchronize multiple bomb blasts. Be sure to stand clear of the blast radius before using the detonator.

Operatives start with a working detonator in their base, buying this is usually redundant.

Stealthy and Inconspicuous Weapons

Item Icon Cost description info
CQC Manual CQC manual.png 13 Reading this single-use book will teach you the basics of CQC - a martial art.
You learn devastating combos and when throw is active, have a chance to block and counter attacks.
This is the same skill as Cooks can use in the kitchen, except anywhere.

Your punches do bonus damage, and your grabs will start as aggressive. You can combo attacks by switching intents while hitting. Possible Combos:

  • Slam: Grab Harm. Slam opponent into the ground (10 brute and 12 sec paralyze). Only works on people standing.
  • CQC Kick: Harm Harm. If the opponent was paralyzed they'll be knocked out (30 sec sleep and 15 brain damage up to max 150). Else they'll be knocked away and take 10 brute.
  • Restrain: Grab Grab. Locks opponent into a restraining position (10 sec stun, 20 stamina damage). Disarm while restraining and pulling to knock them out with a choke hold (40 sec sleep).
  • Pressure: Disarm Grab. Deals 60 stamina damage.
  • Consecutive CQC: Disarm Disarm Harm. Mainly damaging move (25 brute and 50 stamina damage).
Combat Gloves Plus BGloves.png 5 A pair of gloves that are fireproof and electrically insulated, however unlike the regular Combat Gloves these use nanotechnology to teach the martial art of krav maga to the wearer.

Space Suits and Hardsuits

Item Icon Cost description info
Elite Syndicate Hardsuit Elite hardsuit.png 8 Works like a Syndicate Hardsuit, but it's more armored and completely immune to fire and acid. Useful when using fire-based weapons.
Resistances: melee = 60, bullet = 60, laser = 50, energy = 25, bomb = 55, bio = 100, rad = 70, fire = 100, acid = 100.
Shielded Hardsuit Syndi hardsuit.png 30 Looks like a Syndicate Hardsuit, but it has a shield that completely negates attacks until it depletes. Stores up to 3 charges, which regenerate when not being hit for 20 seconds. If the shielding falls, it has the same armor as a normal Syndicate hardsuit, but with full Acid and Fire protection.
Resistances: melee = 40, bullet = 50, laser = 30, energy = 15, bomb = 35, bio = 100, rad = 50, fire = 100, acid = 100.

Stealth and Camouflage Items

Item Icon Cost description info
Stealthy No-Slip Chameleon Shoes Brshoe.png 4 The nuke ops version of chameleon no-slips.

Devices and Tools

Item Icon Cost description info
Syndicate Jaws of Life Syndicate jaws.png 4 Based on a Nanotrasen model, this powerful tool can be used as both a crowbar and a pair of wirecutters. In its crowbar configuration it can be used to force open airlocks. Useful for entering the station or its departments.
Blood-Red Magboots Syndi magboots.png 2 A pair of magnetic boots that will keep you on the ground if the gravity fails or is sabotaged, giving you a mobility advantage. If activated with gravity they will protect from slips, but they will slow you down.
Assault Pod Targeting Device Gangtool red.png 30 This device allows you to aim and use the assault pod located to the east of the syndicate base. The doors are id-locked to operatives and it's defended by wall-mounted automatic guns, making it a safe location to retreat to if necessary.

It cannot return to the syndicate station, so at least one operative should send the ship onto the station to be able to come back. Also, don't forget the nuke behind!

Energy Shield Eshield.png 16 An incredibly useful personal shield projector, capable of reflecting energy projectiles and defending against other attacks.
Medbeam Gun Medgun.png 15 A very efficient healing tool, that doesn't require the constant attention of the healer, since he can keep it in his offhand while shooting with the other hand. It cannot self-heal, however.

Crossing the streams or trying to heal a target already being healed by another medbeam will cause a huge explosion. Be very wary when using two medbeam guns, or avoid buying two altogether.

Syndicate Medical Supply Kit Syndicate Medical Supply Kit.png 4 The syndicate medkit is a suspicious black and red. Included is a combat stimulant injector (containing 30 units of Epinephrine, 30 units of Omnizine, 15 units of Leporazine and 15 units of Atropine), a night vision medical hud for quick identification of injured comrades, a brute and burn healing patch, and a combat defibrillator that fits in belts and works through exosuits (usually useless due to explosive implants).
Syndicate Sentience Potion Intell potion.png 4 This potion will grant intelligence (i.e. a player controller and speech) to any simple mob it is used on, also enslaving them to your commands. Additionally, the creature will receive a radio implant, as well as an implanted syndicate ID, allowing them to enter and exit the Syndicate Infiltrator.
Guerrilla Gloves BGloves.png 2 Syndicate version of tackling gloves, insulated.


All these items ship with an (auto) implanter; to use it, insert the implant in the implanter and use it inhand.

Item Icon Cost description info
CNS Rebooter Implant Brain implant.png 12 This implant will shorten any stun longer than 4 seconds to 4 seconds.
Microbomb Implant Injector.png 2 Nuclear Operatives start with bomb implants already, but if you feel like increasing the strength of the explosion, you can add more explosive implants.
Macrobomb Implant Injector.png 20 A much more powerful version of the Microbomb Implant, this will cause a delayed but much more powerful explosion on death. Make sure to warn your comrades of this, as you might catch them in the blast if they're unaware.
Reviver Implant Chest implant.png 8 This implant will heal you once you fall into crit, then goes into cooldown.
Thermal Vision Implant Eye implant.png 8 Like optical thermal goggles, it lets you see all living beings through walls, and enhances your vision in the dark.
X-Ray Vision Implant Eye implant.png 10 Allows unrestricted vision through walls, though light level will still play a role.


Item Icon Cost description info
Dark Gygax DarkGygax.png 80 One of the two assault mechs available to the operatives. At a heavy investment this mech provides a very powerful and versatile assault platform to support the assault into the station. Boasting a decent movement speed, an LBX AC 10 "Scattershot" shotgun, both types of armor boosters, and an Energy Relay, this mech proves to be as powerful as anything the operatives can bring to bear in terms of close-quarters combat prowess. However, it is extremely vulnerable to ion guns, which will seriously damage the mech in a few hits. Consider not bringing your ship's ion gun along for the assault. Aside from the ion gun, the only easy way to bring it down is other EMPs, mass laser fire or a ton of explosives. It also has a leg actuator function, which speeds up the mech. The Dark Gygax also possesses a bluespace cell, which grants it a larger pool of energy to draw from than it's Mauler counterpart.

Has thrusters for space-maneuverability.

Dark Mauler DarkMarauder.png 140 The single most expensive item available to the Operatives, the Dark Mauler is an unholy terror to behold to even the most elite of Security personnel. Carrying a mounted LMG, a Scattershot gun, a Missile Rack, a Power Relay for infinite power and special anti-ranged armor, this monster can destroy the station ten-fold with the equipment it carries. Its armor makes it nearly impossible to destroy by all but the most concentrated, coordinated and well armed of counter attacks. Its main weakness is that is is very slow moving, making it easy to outrun. It can, however, walk through walls without any trouble, making most stationary fortifications pointless. Note that this does not, however, automatically make you unstoppable. To effectively use it you should already have some experience with mechs, it should also be noted that whoever is piloting this does not need as much gear as everyone else, so don't waste TC (although it is good to have a backup plan if the mech is destroyed).
Syndicate Cyborg Syndieborg.png 65 A repurposed Nanotrasen Cyborg, outfitted with the latest in Syndicate technology. This powerful killing machine has many great utilities that make it almost a necessary asset for many Nuke Op teams. Can either be an Assault, Medical or Engineering module.
  • The assault module contains:
    • A flash;
    • An energy sword;
    • A cyborg LMG that prints ammo from energy;
    • A grenade launcher;
    • An emag;
    • A crowbar;
    • A pinpointer;
  • The medical module contains:
    • A flash;
    • A syndicate hypospray containing restorative nanites;
    • Medical Gauze;
    • A defibrillator;
    • A Medbeam Gun;
    • A health analyzer;
    • Surgery tools (The surgical saw can be toggled to be an energy sword);
    • An emag;
    • A crowbar;
    • A pinpointer.
  • The saboteur module contains:
    • A full set of tools;
    • Metal, glass and cable synthesizers;
    • A robotic RCD;
    • A robotic RPD;
    • A fire extinguisher;
    • Zipties;
    • A flash;
    • Thermal vision;
    • A fake destination tagger;
    • A cyborg chameleon projector;
    • A pinpointer.

The Syndicate cyborg is occupied by a ghost with the operative preference enabled. If there are no candidates, you can refund the telecrystals by hitting the uplink with the teleporter you get from ordering the cyborg.

Reinforcements Generic nukesyndie.png 25 Gives a Reinforcement Teleporter. When used, a random ghost will become a new member of the nuke operative squad! The reinforcement starts with the normal operative equipment minus the TC, therefore someone has to equip them to make them useful: in particular, make sure there are enough spacesuits to get to the station.

(Pointless) Badassery

Item Icon Cost description info
Broken Chameleon Kit Syndibox.pngChangeling.gif 4 A full chameleon kit, gun aside, that acts as if EMP'd. You will stick out like a sore thumb and be unable to wear "real" armor.
Centcom Official Costume Syndibox.pngCentcomcommander.png 4 Contains a full CentCom Official uniform set, headset and clipboard included. The headset comes without an encryption key.
Clown Costume Clownduffle.pngClown.png 4 Contains a complete Clown outfit.
Sleepy Time Pajama Bundle Syndibox.pngSyndi pajama.png 4 Even soldiers need to get a good nights rest. Comes with blood-red pajamas, a blankie, a hot mug of cocoa and a fuzzy friend.

Clown Operative Equipment

STATION PRANKS GONE WRONG! You have been chosen by the clownpeople to lead a daring prank raid (praind??) on one of nanotrasen's space station. While this prank is sponsored by the syndicate coalition, your clown honor (and genes) dictates that you do not use certain BORING equipment standard nuclear operatives are known for, and instead opt for the more !FUN! equipment you are accostumed to as a clown.

Here are some of the biggest changes from the normal operative kit:

Absolutely no guns! You can use: ...
Bulldog.pngC20r.pngSniper.png Pie cannon.png The pie cannon!
Fake c20r.pngFake SAW.png Foam weapons!
Paperplane.png Origami!
No energy sword/shield! Bananium weapons!
Sword.gifDoubleESword.pngEshield.png Banana sword.gifBanana shield.png
They are slippery on the floor, and the sword is totally harmless, but slips people you hit!
No lame bombs! Use funny bombs!!
Syndicate Bomb.gifSyndicate Minibomb.gif Clownbomb.png Summon a horde of clowns!
Moustache grenade.pngSlap a funny moustache on people's faces! (Also teargas!!)
Banana.pngBlow them up with the explosive peel!
Bioweapons are A-OK!!
Other funny equipment:
Clown shoes.png Combat clown shoes that don't slip, bananium version that leaves peels behind also available!
Firingpinclown.png Funny firing pins that only let other clowns use a gun, or VERY funny pins that explode when pulled!!
Dark honk.png A MECH!!!