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Access: Wherever your job has access to
Additional Access: Wherever you can gain illicit access to
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: The Syndicate
Duties: Kill people, steal shit, fuck school
Guides: Syndicate Items
Quote: Ok, time to be a productive member of- oh cool I'm a bad guy time to kill people!

Sword.gif The following is a tutorial on the basics of treachery -- for the game mode, click here. For information on the Syndicate organization, see The Syndicate.

An unpaid debt. A score to be settled. Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the reasons, the Syndicate has selected you to infiltrate Space Station 13. Your objectives is whatever the hell they tell you to do, but at the end, you're the one calling the shots here, it's not like they'll send over a strike team if you cause enough chaos... ....right? Time to put on your big boy pants, read up on your objectives and do whatever it takes. Or don't. It's up to you. There's also a chance you are a traitor operating on your own agenda, not beholden to any syndicate supervisors.

The Basics

As a Traitor, you spawn normally as whatever job you would have been given otherwise, with an uplink that contains your objectives and is used to teleport in mission-critical equipment (bugs, tools and so forth) and to purchase Syndicate items to help you in your work. By default, your uplink is your PDA; using the messenger app, change your ringtone to the given code to open the store and objective selection, but remember to lock it when you're done, or don't, if you want to summon a revolver in your hand while being questioned for being soaked in blood.

You select your objectives yourself using your uplink from a small selection with up to two being active at the same time, meaning you can't have 3 high-risk items marinating in your bag with bugs on them and you can miss your chance to get easy telecrystals for killing the captain's fox if someone does it, while the objective isn't one of your two active ones.

Your objectives reward you with bonus telecrystals and threat level (you also gain threat level passively, over time). Objectives get progressively (haha get it) harder and more rewarding (both in terms of threat level and telecrystals) the more of them you complete.

Telecrystals are used as currency when buying gear and your threat level works somewhat like a level requirement, so you aren't able to buy a syndicate bomb and destroy medbay 2 minutes into the shift, even if you have the telecrystals for it to purchase it.

Depending on the job you start with, your objectives might be easier or harder; it's a lot more freeing to be an all-access Head than a lowly Assistant, after all. If you're particularly robust and start as a job with the right tools, you might not even need to buy Syndicate items.

Note that when the AI is selected as a traitor, it gets its own unique tools and mechanics. Read up on Malfunction if you're looking to become the next Skynet.

If you complete enough objectives (counted with the amount of threat level you receive from them), you'll earn your greentext (that is, a green "Success" message). Note that there is a small tc penalty for failing your objectives, next other players roasting you for it, and no reward other than the satisfaction of winning if you get your greentext, so if you've got a zany scheme you want to pull off, you're technically free to ignore your mission to kill the Clown for extra telecrystals and threat level in favor of building a station-wide fusion distribution system.

As an antagonist, you're exempt from most non-OOC server rules (things like OOC in IC, ERP, and metacomms will still get you banned). Want to murder the entire crew in the hallways, delaminate the supermatter, and send the station careening into a hellscape of blood and terror? You have a license to grief! Just keep in mind that rushing to end the round instead of taking the time to enjoy the opportunity will probably get you yelled at by most of the other players, and other traitors might not appreciate you getting in their way.

After you've familiarized yourself with robusting, it’s time to start sowing discord and chaos.

Code Words

To help their field agents conspire against Nanotrasen, the Syndicate issues all traitors aboard a station a set of code words, including phrases and responses. Any time somebody speaks a code word over the radio or in person, the words will be highlighted for all other traitors. If you see somebody say a code word and want to try finding an ally, say something using a response phrase to subtly tell them whose side you're on.

Try to make your phrase usage sound natural! Instead of just shouting them out, find a way to naturally work them into a sentence, such as asking a bartender over public radio to prepare you a drink whose name is a code word. If you're using a response phrase, you don't need to word it such that it's a response to a code word; simply saying it in any context will get the message across.

Unlike blood brothers, solo antags using code words are NOT obligated to assist each other. Trying to find an ally is always a risk; your fellow traitors might genuinely be looking for partners, or they might just want to backstab you for your telecrystals and Syndicate loot. However, the payoff can be rich, as one traitor can remove solid telecrystals from their uplink and give them to another to purchase rare and dangerous tools that cost more than 20TC. If you find a reliable partner in crime, you can unleash true chaos onto the station!

Unlike with blood brothers, you're completely allowed to betray and kill other solo antags, even if they think you're working with them. It's a dick move, but being a dick is what the Syndicate is all about.

Blood Brothers

It's like traitor, but with brotherly love! You will obtain a flash that can convert one other person to your partner in crime. Be careful not to give yourself away--don't flash anyone with sunglasses or that could have a mindshield implant. If you're lucky, your new partner might get a flash of their own to bring in a third!

The main caveat is that you don't receive any telecrystals to purchase traitor items, so you'll have to make do with your own robustness. That said, simply having a friend or two can go a long way; if you're in different departments, you can share access, and many jobs can work together to create truly diabolical schemes. The more people on your team, the more likely at least one of your allies will be competent enough to take charge. If one of your brothers is a Head of Staff, their authority can get you out of trouble, and if all else fails it's easier to gank targets in a two-on-one brawl.

In rounds with multiple teams of blood brothers, one team can have another as their assassinate objectives and vice-versa. If you kill somebody you suspect is a traitor, it's worth checking their PDA messages to see if they have any brothers of their own to lure in and finish off.

Remember that the antagonist 'license to grief' does NOT mean you can kill your allies! Griefing your partners as a team antag will get you bwoinked or banned.

Double Agents

(currently disabled)

So you're a double agent. This mode functions a bit differently from normal Traitor in that it's an absolute clusterfuck you are assigned another double agent to kill! However, this means that there's also a double agent out to kill YOU! You need to kill a double agent while not being killed yourself. Some uplink items, like the bomb, are unavailable in this mode. You, of course, won't be *told* it's a Double Agent round but you can easily meta it from the number of objectives you have.


(completely removed from the codebase as of January 2022)

Feel like taking on a challenge? Want to test your skills with the potential of greater rewards? By spending all of your starting telecrystals on a Contractor Kit in your uplink, you can take on bounties for the Syndicate and potentially earn more items and telecrystals than you otherwise would have access to alone.

The Contractor Kit includes a special Contractor Baton to disable targets, a tablet computer for taking on contracts, some useful stealth gear, and some random trinkets. To fulfill a contract, bring a target crewmember dead or alive to a certain location on the station, and the Syndicate will extract them, rewarding you with telecrystals. You'll get more TC for live targets, and they'll be returned to the station after a delay, meaning the crew will know there's a contractor lurking about before too long.

Successfully pull off enough hits, and you'll be able to earn far more telecrystals than the 20 you began with. Are you up to the task?

Your Objectives and threat level

The Threat Level System

As an agent of the Syndicate, what items you can or cannot buy are bound to your threat level. Some gear won't be available for purchase until you have enough. Though threat level increases over time, that's rather slow.

Fortunately, you can complete certain tasks to increase it more quickly. These can be found in the "secondary objectives" tab on your uplink.

Reaching high enough threat level will even make your mission succeed regardless of your completion of primary objectives.

Standard objectives

These will be the ones you'll be doing to increase some threat level and get some extra telecrystals for your uplink. Some objectives can only be obtained in a certain range of threat level, being impossible to roll before a certain threshold has been reached and automatically removed (unless it's one of your selected objectives) if a different threshold is exceeded.

Failing or rejecting any picked objective will always result in the loss of one telecrystal and no threat level.

The current standard objectives are the following:

  • Demoralize crew (0-300 threat): An objective that comes in two flavors. You can be tasked to either place three propaganda posters or to spraypaint a slippery 3x3 syndicate logo, and then wait for enough people to see it. You'll be rewarded with 40 to 80 threat level and 0 or 1 telecrystal.
  • Destroy a heirloom (0-300 threat): Some people spawn with heirlooms in their inventory. You are tasked with stealing and destroying one. Keep in mind the owner will probably be rather defensive about it, considering its destruction will net them a mood debuff, so preparation is advised. You'll be rewarded with 80 to 120 threat level and 1 or 2 telecrystals.
  • Destroy an item (100-350 threat): Pretty straightforward. The Syndicate wants a specific item on the station destroyed. The current list includes the bartender shotgun, a fireaxe (doesn't matter if it's the bridge or atmospherics one), a nullrod (doesn't matter if it's transformed into something else) or the mech removal tool found in robotics. You'll be rewarded with 50 to 100 threat level and 1 telecrystal.
  • Destroy the Blackbox (>400 threat): You need to go to the telecomms room, take the blackbox from the recorder, and destroy it. Keep in mind the blackbox is extremely hard to get rid of, but the supermatter and crematorium still destroy it, so it might be in your interest to make sure you have access to either before stealing it. Aditionally, this might conflict with other traitors, who want to steal it as a primary objective, so keep an eye open. You'll be rewarded with 150 threat level and 6 to 9 telecrystals.
  • Steal someone's eyes (>100 threat): This can be done through surgery or with a specialized device you can teleport to your hand with a button under the objective. You'll be rewarded with 40 to 80 threat level and 1 or 2 telecrystals, or with 60 to 120 threat level and 2 or 3 telecrystals if the target is a head of staff.
  • Hack the communications console (>600 threat): You'll be tasked with heading towards a communications console and calling another threat to the station. Be advised that whatever you call isn't necessarily your ally, and the AI will be alerted as soon as you begin hacking it, so cutting the cameras or building your own console is advisable. You'll be rewarded with 300 to 400 threat level and 7 to 12 telecrystals.
  • Infect someone with EHMS (>300 threat): By using a button right under the objective, you can spawn an EHMS autoinjector in your hand. Using it on someone and standing still for a couple seconds will infect them with Hereditary Manifold Sickness, an incurable disease that can be extremely deadly if they don't know how to keep it at bay. As with sleepypens and other stealth injectors, the target will just feel a tiny prick. You'll be rewarded with 80 to 140 threat level and 1 telecrystal.
  • Kidnap someone in an area (0-300 threat): Under the objective you can find a button to call down a syndicate extraction pod, though it won't work unless you are in the designated area. Once it falls, place your target inside and it'll automatically close and go flying. A small amount of money will be taken from the station to pay for their rescue, while the target in question spends some time in a Spider Clan hideout. You'll be rewarded with 20 to 40 threat level and 1 or 2 telecrystals.
  • Kill the pet of a Head of Staff (0 threat): Self explanatory. Most heads of staff have pets in their offices, and you're tasked with heading over there and killing them. This category includes any pet that's not part of the Security department, but it does include Captain's fox, Renault. You'll be rewarded with 30 to 60 threat level and 1 or 2 telecrystals.
  • Kill a Security pet (>250 threat): Just as the previous objective. However, you're tasked with killing either the Warden's dog McGriff, or the HoS's pet, which depends on the map and is either a space carp or a tarantula. In any case, you'll probably have to break into Security, so be prepared. You'll be rewarded with 140 to 180 threat level and 2 or 3 telecrystals.
  • Locate the station's weakpoint and bomb it (>450 threat): You'll be provided with a weakpoint locator, that needs to be used in two specific areas, alerting the AI whenever you're using it, and a high power explosive, only obtainable after finding the weakpoint, and only usable there. The hole will be pretty significant, so don't stay around for too long if you don't have proper spacewear. You'll be rewarded with 150 to 200 threat level and 3 to 5 telecrystals.
  • Destroy a departmental machine (0-100 threat): This will usually mean deconstructing a department protolathe/techfab or the Ore Redemption Machine. All of these machines will be unlinked from the silo if rebuilt, so if you want to cover your tracks, it would be a good idea to bring a multitool with the ore silo stored in the buffer. Alternatively, you can plant an explosive trap that will detonate the machine in the face of the next user and get some extra threat level and telecrystals, at the risk of the device being deactivated if someone notices the beeping. You'll be rewarded with 20 to 40 threat level and no telecrystals, and with 50 more threat level and 2 extra telecrystals if you manage to destroy it with the explosive trap.
  • Destroy a core machine (150-300 threat): These machines are the telecomms hub and the secondary R&D servers. While destroying a secondary R&D server has no effect as of now, getting rid of the telecommunications hub will shutdown all crew sided radio frequencies until it's repaired. You will be rewarded with 50 to 100 threat level and 3 or 4 telecrystals.
  • Perform the sleeper surgery (>0 threat): You'll be able to teleport a surgery disk to your hand with a button under the objective that, when inserted into a surgery computer, will allow you to perform the sleeper agent surgery on a living, sentient crewmember. Think of it as a much weaker version of the brainwashing that implants a predetermined objective from a list. Though only members of the medical department and roboticist can get this at 0 threat level, normal crew is eligible after 300 threat level has been obtained. You'll be rewarded with 80 to 150 threat level and 1 telecrystal regardless of your job.
  • Steal an item (varies): To complete this objective you'll need to steal a certain object and place a schematics analyzer obtained by a button under the objective. You may keep the bugged item on you for extra rewards. Both the threat level requirement and the rewards provided depend on the risk involved in obtaining the item, with low-risk items requiring 100-350 threat and rewarding 50-100 threat and no telecrystals, somewhat risky items requiring 200-500 threat and rewarding 100 threat and 2TC, very risky items requiring >300 threat and rewarding 150 threat and 3TC, and the most risky items (mainly captain's items) requiring >500 threat and rewarding 200 threat and 5TC.
  • Asassinate a target (>300 threat): Another objective with two flavors. You'll be either tasked with beheading the target and holding their head to succeed, or to plant a calling card on their corpse. You'll be rewarded 20 threat level and 1 or 2 telecrystals for both of them, or 40 threat level and 2 or 3 telecrystals if the target is a Head of Staff.

Final objectives

So. You've done it. You've done enough of the syndicates dirty work to get a greentext. Now onto the fun part. A final objective can be obtained when you're at least at 1400 threat level, ensures you're successful regardlesss of primary objectives, and locks you out of all remaining standard ones. Its effects, however, are much more significant than almost every other task you may have completed until now, sometimes being a round end condition all by themselves.

In order to complete a final objective, you will need certain tools, provided via delivery pod in a particular area of the station. You can call the pod with a button right under the objective.

Current final objectives are:

  • Calling a Syndicate Battlecruiser to destroy the station: You will obtain a specialized emag and will need to use it on a communications console to transmit the station coordinates to a Syndicate Battlecruiser. This will prompt ghosts to become part of its crew, with unclaimed spots being available as sleepers after the battlecruiser has generated. The crew in question consists of a captain and a team of operatives with access to the station's self destruct codes, uplinks, and a fully stocked syndicate armory that even contains a free Mauler mech. Your objective is to, with their help, obtain the authentication disk, turn on the self destruct, and go back with them to the battlecruiser. This will, of course, completely destroy the station. A syndicate access key is recommended if you want them to bring you any guns or tools from their armory, or want to plan ahead with them.
  • Infect the station AI with an experimental virus: The pod will give you a specialized AI upload card that, when used on an upload computer, will grant the targeted AI combat modules and a special lawset forcing it to obey your every order. Effectively, this can create malfunctional AIs bound to your will, giving you a massive tool against the rest of the station.
  • Attract a dark matter singularity towards the station: The pod will deliver supplies to build several anti-meteor satellites and a specialized emag. After building them in space, you can start emagging with the given card to eventually summon a dark matter singularity that will chase and hunt all living things in the station, including you. Keep in mind there's a 30 second cooldown between emagging satellites, and that after 7 of them have been recalibrated (you'll need to emag 2 more) the station will be alerted of your antics via public announcement.
  • Infect the crew with the bioweapon Romerol: A bottle with 20u of romerol, the same one Nuclear Operatives get, will be provided with the delivery pod. From then, you'll just have to put any amount of the solution inside a crewmember in order to infect them and succeed the objective. Infected people will take a bit of damage over time, and return as hostile zombies if they die. Though you can just use the hypospray or a sleepy pen to easily complete this, there are many ways to spread the reagent if you know your chemistry.
  • Scan a space carp's DNA and become a Space Dragon: Whenever you pick this objective, even if you haven't called down the pod yet, a carp migration event will automatically begin. The pod will provide you with a special DNA scanner and a carp space suit, making them non hostile. You'll need to approach one and take a sample of the DNA, then use the scanner on yourself to combine its sequence with yours and become a Space Dragon.
  • Destroy the station by causing a resonance cascade: The pod will drop a special destabilizing crystal you'll need to place on the supermatter. Once that's done, ensure the supermatter delaminates, and a resonance cascade will begin. This will cause rapid crystal growth from the original location of the supermatter all around the station, instantly destroying anyone who comes into contact with it. Fleeing the station on time or jumping into the bluespace rift that will open soon after the resonance has begun will both ensure your survival.

Your Tools

Alright, you know your objectives! Time to accomplish those goals to get even more cool toys! The Syndicate treats you much better than Centcom: on your person, you will have an uplink containing a starting 20 telecrystals itching to be spent on traitory goods. The uplink will either be hidden in your PDA, Radio Headset, pen or a pre-installed uplink implant Implant Case.png(-4 starting TC). With a PDA uplink, you will be given a code consisting of a phonetic alphabet letter, and a three-digit number. The Headset uplink can be accessed by tuning it to a specific frequency, and the pen can be accessed by turning the head a certain number of degrees two times, like a safe.

Check Syndicate Items for a more detailed description on the goods, but don't go racing off to order those items ASAP. Although it can be useful to get items early, holding off until you need the item also has merit, so 6 crystals don't get wasted on an doorjack when you find the captain's spare ID on that assistant you just killed. Some items require you to pool your telecrystals with other traitors; other items are role-specific, like the Clown Car.

Each round, a small number of traitor items will be discounted. Always make sure to check the discounts first; you never know what fun toys you'll be able to get on the cheap! It's also a great excuse to try out new items you've never played with before.

Useful Combos:

  • Energy Sword + Energy Crossbow (18TC): The classic one-two combo. Shoot someone with the bow to down them, then murder them.
  • Chameleon Kit + Agent ID Card + Airlock Authentication Override Card + Storage Implant + Syndicate Encryption Key (20TC): A great stealth setup. The Chameleon Kit and Agent ID let you disguise as anybody, the Encryption Key lets you listen to and talk on any channel, the doorjack lets you get into anywhere, and the Storage Implant gives you an almost unopen able place to hide your doorjack and stolen goods.
  • Binary Translator Key + Cryptographic Sequencer + Hacked AI Upload Module (20TC): The ideal setup for subverting the silicons. Emag a Cyborg to have it help you subvert the AI, then chat with your new robotic friends. Even better for Roboticists.

Illicit Access

Gaining entry to areas above your clearance is an important skill. Sometimes you're looking to loot stuff. Sometimes security or another traitor is chasing you and you need to escape them. Sometimes the AI has gone mad and has locked you in a room filling with deadly neurotoxin. A collection of ways to break into places can be found here.

Murder 101

Most traitors eventually have to kill someone, regardless of objectives, and knowing the right and wrong ways to do it will make or break your mission.

If you're inexperienced when it comes to slaughter, read the Combat page for the basics on becoming robust.

Getting Rid of the Body

Most of the methods of killing people leave behind a body (potentially) covered in evidence and more importantly able to be brought back from the dead. While the specifics of resurrection aren't important the requirements of these methods are.

  • Defibrillation needs a mostly intact body which has been dead less than a certain amount of time. However, if Medbay knows what they're doing, they can often patch up and repair a corpse to the point where defibrillation is possible.
  • Botany using Replica Pods to rebirth dead crew is probably the most difficult to prevent but the least likely to happen. Fortunately they need a blood sample from the body.
  • Robotics doesn't actually bring the dead back (they still count as dead even if borged) but most cyborgs that aren't one-humaned to you are going to rat you out the moment they can speak. Fortunately, the brain is once again required to borg somebody.

Cutting someone's brain out or beheading them stops almost every method. Your common toolbox contains most of the tools you need and substitutes for the rest are in low security areas. A quick trip to cargo will get you a full set of tools or the ones you were missing, breaking a window or hopping the kitchen table will get you a knife, and breaking into the botany backroom will get you a hatchet to replace the saw. A brainless body is suspicious and bleeds everywhere so be prepared to ditch it right away. A quick disposals ride should be enough to prevent your location from being identified. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints!

If you have access to body bags, you should use them. People ask a lot fewer questions about people using body bags in public. Expect to get stopped several times by assholes opening the bag and make sure it looks like your heading for Medbay. Toss people out of the airlock at an angle, as most of the places where people check for bodies are in straight lines. Strip people of their jumpsuit if you can't dispose of them elsewhere and hide them in a locker that locks preferably to an access that is uncommon. Remember your new access is your access plus whatever your victim's access was. If all else fails, dropping a mini-bomb on the body will prevent it from coming back.

Getting Caught

Things never go that smoothly. Getting caught is a way of life on Space Station 13 and knowing how to get out of it is very important, and the best way to do that is to lie so much you believe yourself. Lie to everyone and everything that talks to you. Agree to any searches that won't get you busted for corpses or traitor items. Do anything to deflect the blame on to others. If you run around not saying anything dragging a locker of corpses around, you will end up dead. If you drag around that locker of corpses saying you were cleaning up maintenance and you are going to give the chef some meat, you may have a chance of not getting killed.

Note that your chances of this bluff being a success is shot to nothing if you get caught with any traitor items on you. As soon as that first emag or revolver is spotted, you're getting a face full of a harm baton and then the embrace of hard vacuum.

Having Fun

Being a a Traitor is not always about getting that greentext, murderboning entire station, or acknowledging the best combinations of the uplink items to be the metagaming god. Sometimes its all about the fun.

Being a Traitor means having possibilities, with less strict rules bound to you and a entire arsenal of items you can do almost any gimmick you want! One interesting gimmick is better then thousand rounds where you robusted everyone. Remmeber that your objectives and flavour text are not the celling!

Here is a few gimmicks you can do:

  • Hitman, who uses middleman to get targets for profit
  • Arms dealer, who sells pistols and bombs to crew in the maintenance tunnels
  • Crime boss, who decided to expand his criminal organization influence on the station by recruiting people
  • Serial killer, who bounds with and then kills people in the most particular ways, leaving subtle hints to play with Detective
  • Anything else you would want! This is all about imagination, you can make almost any gimmick you want!

And if you do decide to just do your objectives, do them fun! Turn your theft objective into a spy movie, call your assasinations targets to duel or build crazy contraptions to murder them. Possibilities are endless!

Remember that this is a game, and we all are here to just have fun.

Additional Notes

Over the years, the Syndicate has had plenty of time to practice and share the best ways to deal with those pesky Nanotrasen crews. Below is a bevy of information to help you on your way.

Space Gods, Give Me Laser Eyes

Despite popular opinion, the admins are not just here to ban people and press buttons. They're here to help make the round interesting – just like you! If you have a compelling and fun gimmick in mind, you can use the *pray command to ask the space gods for help making them reality. If you offer up your telecrystals, many admins will happily give you boons such as changing your species, spawning specific items for you, making Centcom announcements, and sometimes even letting you respawn as a different minor antag. Just remember that the admins aren't under any obligation to give you 'TC trades'; for best results, come up with something unique, be polite, don't ask for blatantly overpowered things, and don't ask to become a nightmare every second round.

Another thing – if your objectives are boring, easy, or you've already completed them, you can pray for more. It's a good alternative to simply killing everything in sight if you can't think of something to do. For maximum realism, do this by emagging a command console; doing so lets you "send a message to the Syndicate", an in-universe way to send the admins a message.

Stealth and Access

  • Having a spare ID always helps. Assistants are a dime a dozen, so it's not a bad idea to pin an assistant ID on your shirt before you go about any dirty business so your real identity is not compromised. Wearing a mask will cause others to see your name as the one on your ID, but unless you have a voice changing mask, speaking will reveal who you are. If you can get your hands on a wallet from the dormitories or from Botany's biogenerator (leather), it can hold up to 4 IDS.
  • Security cameras see as far as you do (7 tiles). This means that if you can't see a regular camera, it can't see you. X-ray cameras see through walls; you can differentiate the curved protrusion on the side. You can disable cameras by opening them with a screwdriver and using wirecutters, though they can be fixed easily and the AI is likely to notice you doing it.
  • When you take something from your bag, or put something in it, it creates a message that everyone around you can see. If the item is small enough to be placed in a normal box, only those adjacent to you will see the message. Don't get caught stuffing things into your bag!
  • Fake Mustaches conceal your identity as well as a gas mask or helmet.
  • Have an agent ID and a voice-changer mask? Why not use it to make that guy you murdered blame somebody else, or make him say he's committing suicide! If you find a dead body, take their name and claim to have seen xenomorphs or changelings to throw the station for a loop.
  • The AI cannot examine anything except things it can see in its chamber. It can take pictures of you to see what's in your hand however.
  • Know your maintenance. There are plenty of places where nobody looks, and you can easily make secret chambers by [construction | constructing fake walls].
  • Nobody checks the lockers in the locker room. Like, ever. And you need a fairly high level of ID to open lockers that aren't already coded to a specific PDA, so no worries about Joe Schmoe Assistant running in and stealing your hand tele.
  • Latex gloves don't stop you from leaving your fingerprints everywhere; they leave partial prints. Black gloves confer fire and burn resistance, and insulated gloves are usually the most desirable of all.
  • Good places to hide corpses include the Toxins Test Site, the far side of the AI Satellite, the various nooks and crannies around the station exterior, inside hidden chambers in Maintenance, and inside EVA suit storage units. Remember to strip off their jumpsuits or otherwise disable the suit sensors, or they'll give the location away.
  • You can use an IED on an r-wall to skip most of the steps of disassembling an r-wall.
  • A bar of soap is your best friend when you need to remove fingerprints, acquire soap through maints or the dormitory showers.
  • Use a PAI (Personal AI device) from either dorms, the bar, or the library. This device can grant you access to virtually any door you please as the PAI will be able to stealthily jack open doors, without permanent effect.

Murder and Sabotage

  • If you inject a power cell with plasma, it'll explode when it is used for anything. Likewise, injecting plasma into lightbulbs causes them to explode when turned on. Consider sabotaging lights when they aren't turned on, for your sake.
  • Every time you throw a glass shard at a wall, it has a chance to become 'sharpened', increasing its damage from 4 to 15. There's no way to tell besides testing it on yourself, and throwing a sharpened shard will un-sharpen it again.
  • The entirety of Disposals can easily be routed into space in certain maint' areas, and you need only stun and drag people to a disposal bin to instantly kill them. Disposals can be a very potent weapon if used correctly, and there are plenty of correct ways. You just need to find them.
  • Putting a tracking beacon in space can make the hand teleporter a instantly lethal weapon instead of a convenience.
  • Never underestimate the power of banana peels and soap. Many haughty crewmembers have met their end at the hands of a Clown dragging around a peel behind him, only to be bludgeoned into unconsciousness while down and thrown into space.
  • When security is chasing you, occasionally do a 180° and sprint back past them. If they’re space lagging enough, they won’t see you run by. This is especially effective if you’re being chased by the dreaded security mob, mainly because such mobs have a pack mentality. If you manage to throw off one officer, chances are good someone will follow him as well. Unless they are right on your ass, close doors you go through and open doors you don’t. People will chase open doors if they lose a visual on you. Also, guns can’t go through doors and you can’t open a door during its closing animation, which can give you another extra second to duck into a maintenance tunnel.
  • You can uncuff yourself while in a disposal unit.
  • If you gain Head of Personnel access, you can use the HoP console to close any remaining Security positions to stop new officers from showing up.
  • You can dip a cigar in anything. Dip a cigar in plasma, and the person who lights it will be gibbed if you can convince someone to smoke it.
  • Armed mousetraps go off when somebody opens a container holding them. Attach a grenade to one, and the next person to reach into the bag gets a fun surprise.
  • Bombing/deconstructing the engineering SMESes will almost always result in the engine becoming loose.
  • Reverse pickpocketing doesn't produce a message for people you try it on (unless it fails). You can reverse pickpocket minibombs onto people. You can start the timer on the minibomb after you start the pickpocket attempt but before it's actually placed. At point blank range, the minibomb gibs provided the target has no protection. Go forth and explode pants.
  • Bullets pass through windows, but not Grilles. Lasers and disablers pass through windows and grilles. Electrodes are blocked by both windows and grilles. Clicking on a window directly with a laser lets you shoot it.
  • Spraying someone smoking a cigarette or holding a lit welder or energy sword, with welder fuel or alcohol, will set them on fire. Unlike other methods for setting someone on fire spraying does not show in the chatbox and it can be done from quite a few tiles away, or with unexpected items like pepper spray.
  • Canisters can be physically destroyed with enough brute force to instantly release their contents.
  • A suspicious toolbox does fifteen damage instead of ten, making it as strong as a circular saw or a null rod.
  • EMP effects disable headsets, and can scramble or interfere with many other machines, such as APC's.
  • It's risky, but you can take out a combat mech with just an axe if you circle it well enough. Since they turn around slowly and must face you to fire, they can't do shit. The only issue is getting close enough.
  • Lockers do not protect from space and atmosphere. So stun-locker-weld-space is a valid strategy.
  • You can steal flashes from mounted flashers by using wirecutters. This will disable the flasher until a replacement flash is installed.

Emags And Other Traitor Items

  • Doorjacking welded/bolted doors causes them to close permanently; afterwards, they can never be opened, only destroyed. Use this to your advantage when 'reserving' an escape shuttle for yourself or when hiding a powersink.
  • All Cyborgs gain additional tools when emagged, in addition to having their laws rewritten to serve you. Engineering and Mining borgs get a powerful stun arm, Medical borgs can fill people with toxins, Janitor borgs can spray lube everywhere, Security (not currently available to select but exist in code) gets lethal laser gun, Peacekeeper borg gets an hyperspray with deadly toxins, Service borgs get cyborg shaker making drinks that make people pass out and take toxins damage and Clown borgs get a flower that sets target on fire and a super laughter ejector that deals stamina damage.
  • Simple bots can also be emagged. Medibots will inject poison, Floorbots will rip up floors, Cleanbots will squirt acid on people from time to time, Security bots will arrest everybody, ED-209 will start firing lethal lasers instead of disabling, Hygienebots will give you VERY hot shower (fire) instead of water, Firebots will occasionally surround themselves with fireball and Honkbots will become more slippery.
  • The chameleon projector can be used to dodge projectiles by disguising as something small. You can also disguise as 'temporary' items like those in the Holodeck. While disguised, you can move freely in space for some reason, but still take exposure damage.
  • You can change the timer on C4 to be extremely high; it tops out at 60000 seconds (1000 minutes = 16.7 hours). Scare the crap out of someone by planting irremovable C4 that will probably never detonate, or hang a live explosive on your wall for a stylish conversation piece.
  • Every PDA holds a pen by default. Remove it and store your sleepy pen/energy dagger there.


  • If you want the round to end and the shuttle to arrive. you have a few options. Delaminating and sabotaging the supermatter is almost always shuttle-worthy, as is bombing enough of the station. Using an EMP effect near the AI has a 15% chance to force a shuttle call, although this is difficult and risky. If you can access Atmospherics, pumping deadly gas into the air supply can amp up the pressure.
  • If your objective is to steal the station blueprints, you can simply take a photo of them with a camera and escape with the photo.
  • If your objective is to steal the nuke disk, steal the pinpointer as well. The reason should be self-evident.
  • Dropping reinforced tables in the airlocks leading to the escape shuttle can be a viable way to keep people from getting on board.
  • If you emag an arcade machine, you can play Outbomb Cuban Pete. Winning grants you a powerful bomb, but losing kills you. If you want to risk it, here's a strategy:
    • If your magic is less than 5, charge.
    • If your health is less than Pete's, and your turtle value is less than 3, heal.
    • Otherwise, attack.
    • Healing increases your turtle value by 1.
    • Attacking or charging your magic reduces your turtle value by 1.
    • Pete will attack you for more damage if your turtle value is greater than 3.
    • This technique gives you a win/loss ratio of about 1.7 on average. If your health is ever below 7, restart the game (screwdriver the arcade machine to restart).
    • Also, once you get Pete to low health, be aware that he can steal your magic. This can result in your death easily, such as if you heal at 5 magic using up 3, and then he steals 2, bringing you to 0 and gibbing you.

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