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Difficulty: Hard
Superior: The Queen
Duties: Delimb Marines, rip and tear.
Guides: no separate guides

The Ravager

Ravager Rundown

The Ravager is the ultimate evolution of the runner and hunter Xenomorph castes. They are large, vicious killers that specialize in brutal high-damage hit-and-run attacks and build up rage while fighting and taking damage that increases their damage and speed. They are still a hunter class, however, and are vulnerable to concentrated fire and heavier weapons and must play carefully.

Playing the Ravager

As a Ravager, you should consider yourself the ultimate assassin. Both your charge and ravage abilities are extremely powerful and capable of hitting multiple targets, but they can also leave you in a very vulnerable position with no escape. You should be supporting the front line, and your most effective position is in the direct attack with support from your Xeno team. You can move around and harass like your lower-tier brethren, but you should be just as careful as high burst damage can kill you quickly and you are not as fast as the Runner or Hunter.

Managing your rage is another key component of playing the Ravager. You can see your current rage level in the stats tab, and you generate rage by both dealing and taking damage (dealing generates more.) Rage will dissipate quickly and is meant to give the ravager a boost to both attack and defense while in combat. It also improves the effects of all the Ravager's abilities, adding damage to charge and ravage and adding potency to the second wind ability. Remember to use second wind to quickly regenerate lost health and plasma, but also remember that it's not an instant ability and has to channel while you are stationary.

Eviscerating Charge is your long-range attack ability, and will charge to the target tile and attack anything you move through. This attack can do high damage, cause bleeding, fractures, and even de-limb all that are hit by it. The maximum straight-line range of Eviscerating Charge is 7 tiles. If you charge diagonally, that distance is shorter (closer to 4-5 tiles depending.) Also, if you charge through a group of marines, the maximum number you can hit at once is 4 and you will not travel the full 7 tile distance.

Ravage is another vicious melee attack that expends all of your current rage and is capable of hitting 3 targets to your front and left and right diagonal tiles. It applies a knockdown and knockback for 1 tile, and can also cause bleeding, fractures, and sever limbs. Second Wind is a channeled ability that will instantly regenerate a portion of your health and plasma after it's finished activating. It takes around 5 seconds to channel and the Ravager must remain still while it activates. The amount of health and plasma it regenerates is also increased by the amount of rage you have accumulated when you activate it, and the ability consumes all rage upon use.

Tips & Tricks

  • Eviscerating Charge can set you up to use Ravage, but there is a delay between using the abilities and you will expend most of your plasma with the combo. This is a powerful hit-and-run combo but make sure you can disengage if you're threatened after you use it.
  • It's often best to stalk your targets from a distance and prioritize the one to charge at and/or ravage. If you can go for a leader, a medic, or a heavy weapon such as a minigun or SADAR, always choose that over a regular rifle marine.
  • With your rage bonus, you have an advantage against fire and are one of the more capable Xeno castes at dealing with it.

Evolution and Upgrades

The Ravager is a Tier 3 and does not evolve further. Upgraded growth levels will increase your health, armor, slash damage, ability damage, movement speed, plasma pool, and plasma regeneration rate.

Ravager Abilities

Abilities Functions Difficulty of use Plasma cost
This ability is used to rest and get up. You can only heal when resting on weeds, and will also regenerate plasma faster. Easy N/A
Regurgitate does exactly what it sounds like: expels the contents of your stomach onto the current tile. To devour someone, grab them then click on your sprite, and stand still. Easy N/A
Xeno Charge.png
Eviscerating Charge
A vicious charge that hits everything in it's path with the potential to knock down, cause bleeding, fracture, and de-limb. Rage increases the damage done. Hard N/A
A melee attack capable of hitting 3 adjacent marines in a cone in front of you, to the front and right and left diagonal tiles. Rage increases the damage done and consumes all rage upon use. Intermediate N/A
Heal xeno.png
Second Wind
A channeled ability that activates after 5 seconds and instantly regenerates a level of health and plasma related to your level of rage. Must remain stationary when channeling. Intermediate N/A
Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer, Tank Crewman
Security Command Master at Arms, Master at Arms
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Specialist, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Researcher, Corporate Liason
Special Synthetic
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva
Tier 1 Drone, Defender, Runner, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Warrior, Hunter, Bull, Spitter
Tier 3 Praetorian, Crusher, Ravager, Boiler, Defiler, Shrike
Tier 4 Queen
Others Emergency Response Team, Survivor