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Difficulty: Hard
Superior: The Queen and Shrike
Duties: Delimb Marines, be the embodiment of Fear, rip and tear.
Guides: no separate guides
Quote: "Against all the evil that the Hive can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce. We’ll send unto them, only you. Rip and Tear until it is done."

The Ravager

The Ravager is the final evolution of the runner and hunter Xenomorph castes. They are large, vicious killers that specialize in brutal high-damage hit-and-run attacks and build up rage while fighting and taking damage that increases their damage and speed. They are still a hunter class, however, and are vulnerable to concentrated fire and heavier weapons and must play carefully.

How to Rip and Tear

As a Ravager, you should consider yourself the ultimate assassin. Both your charge and ravage abilities are extremely powerful and capable of hitting multiple targets. These abilties can stunlock marines, providing you the opportunity to delimb marines. You should be supporting the front line, and your most effective position is in the direct attack with support from your xenomorph team. Be near xenomorphs that can combine their stun abilities with yours as picking out individual marines with stunlocking provides xenomorphs to chip the marines' massive number with several decisive bits at a time.

However, with these strong abiilties, they can also leave you in a very vulnerable position with no escape. You can move around and harass like your lower-tier brethren, but you should be just as careful as high burst damage can kill you quickly and you are not as fast as the Runner or Hunter.

Eviscerating Charge is your long-range attack ability, and will charge to the target tile and attack anything you move through. This attack can do high damage, cause bleeding, fractures, and even de-limb all that are hit by it. The maximum straight-line range of Eviscerating Charge is 7 tiles. If you charge diagonally, that distance is shorter (closer to 4-5 tiles depending.) Also, if you charge through a group of marines, the maximum number you can hit at once is 4 and you will not travel the full 7 tile distance.

Ravage is another vicious melee attack that expends all of your current rage and is capable of hitting 3 targets to your front and left and right diagonal tiles. It applies a knockdown and knockback for 1 tile, and can also cause bleeding, fractures, and sever limbs.

Ignore Pain is your emergency ability, and will negate pain critical. This means that when activated, marines cannot lock you into pain stun; however, if marines continue to shoot you during Ignore Pain and you have not recovered your health, you immediately die. To elaborate more on this ability, all xenos go in pain crit when reached a certain health, and either they get killed by marines or not being on top of weed or being rescued by another xenos or being on top of weed. Ignore Pain will give you a chance to escape, or continue engaging!, when you are in very low health.

Maturity Statistics and Evolution Paths

The Ravager is a Tier 3 and does not evolve further.

Maturity increases stats as follows.

  • Slash is the melee damage when the xenomorph is in harm intent and slashing marine. In the code, it's melee_damage.
  • Melee, bullet, laser, energy, bomb, bio, rad, fire, and acid are soft armor values, not hard armor, which means that they reduce damage by a percentage rather than a flat value.
Age Health Plasma Slash Melee Bullet Laser Energy Bomb Bio Rad Fire Acid
Young 290 600 26 35 40 30 30 40 30 30 50 30
Mature 310 700 26 40 45 40 40 40 35 35 55 35
Elder 330 750 32 45 50 45 45 40 38 38 65 38
Ancient 350 800 32 50 55 50 50 40 40 40 70 40

Ravager Abilities

Ability Description Plasma Cost Cooldown
Toggle Bump Attacks
This ability allows you to toggle bump attacks on and off. If for some reason you want to avoid them, toggle this off. The red arrow means it's on; the green arrow means it's off. N/A N/A
This ability is used to rest and get up. You can only heal when resting on weeds, and will also regenerate plasma faster. Easy N/A
TGMC Headbite.png
Psychic Drain
This ability is executed on dead marines. Every dead marines psyhic drained will give 60 psychic points and 1/8 of a larva. 100 Easy
Xeno Charge.png
Eviscerating Charge
A vicious charge that hits everything in it's path with the potential to knock down, cause bleeding, fracture, and de-limb. Hard N/A
A melee attack capable of hitting 3 adjacent marines in a cone in front of you, to the front and right and left diagonal tiles. Intermediate N/A
TGMC Ignore Pain.png
Ignore Pain
Allows ravs to ignore crit for 10 seconds, but can still die from too much damage Very Hard N/A

Tips & Tricks

  • Eviscerating Charge can set you up to use Ravage, but you must be above Mature to use this combo, thus continuing to grow as a ravager is very important. This is a powerful hit-and-run combo but make sure you can disengage if you're threatened after you use it.
  • Check if your abilities are keybinded. Ravage and Ignore Pain can be used within a finger span. In the character setup window, you can change your keybinds of your abilities for ease of gameplay.
  • Always keep track of your health! Because you're a T3, you must be aware of your health otherwise marines will gun you down and make the hive lose an important caste. When in 50% health, retreating is a good choice unless marines are not shooting. When in less than 25%, Ignore Pain is a must.
  • It's often best to stalk your targets from a distance and prioritize the one to charge at and/or ravage. If you can go for a leader, a medic, a SG, or a heavy weapon such as a minigun or SADAR, always choose that over a regular rifle marine.

Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison, Researcher
Special Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva
Tier 1 Drone, Defender, Runner, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Warrior, Hunter, Wraith, Bull, Spitter
Tier 3 Praetorian, Crusher, Ravager, Boiler, Defiler
Tier 4 Queen, King, Shrike, Hivemind
Others Emergency Response Team, Survivor